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Not All's Fair on 'The Amazing Race'

Still in Russia, the first clue takes the Amazing Race teams to Avtovo Circus (yay)! Brook and Claire are the most excited as usual. The teams tie up until the circus opens. For the Detour, teams must choose Circus Band or Circus Clowns. For Circus Band, they learn a Russian folk song on the accordion. For Circus Clown, they will learn plate spinning. I would totally do the accordion one, but most of the teams chose plate spinning. Inside the big top (under the big top?), things are absolutely insane. Clowns are dancing, music is playing, Thomas is yelling at Jill, Chad is yelling at Stephanie. Nat and Kat chose Circus Band and created a numeric code to help them learn the songs (whoa--those doctors). Gary and Mallory are also doing well learning the music, despite it being a surprisingly long folk song. Meanwhile, plate spinning is not going well. Jill and Thomas give up and Thomas decides that accordions are "more our cup of tea." Viewers have decided that Thomas is a douche. To Read More Click Here.

The Amazing Race Review: "Run Babushka, Run"

As and ye shall receive! Last week, I ripped episode five of The Amazing Race, calling it boring and too controlled.  I pined for the days of multiple forms of travel, difficult challenges and frequent changes to the race standings. Apparently all I needed to do was ask for a return to the more interesting days of The Amazing Race’s past and we would get that.  This week we were treated to a difficult leg filled with drama, second guesses and a dynamic feel to the entire episode.  I joked that "Tastes Like a Million Dollars" would not be sent to the Emmy committee. If "Run Babushka, Run" were submitted for judgment, The Amazing Race would retake the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition from Top Chef. To Read More Click Here.

'The Amazing Race' Season 17, Episode 6 Recap (VIDEO)

Usually a drag race involves cars, motor oil and testosterone. But you can never predict what it might mean on 'The Amazing Race' -- this week's "drag race" was a little less automobile, a little more Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Still, brawn may be more helpful than brains at times. The teams never know what's ahead of them on the race. As viewers, we just tag along vicariously on the ride. However, one thing we can predict for certain: bickerers most often remain bickerers, making the other teams even more likable. Kat and Nat's big lead dwindled to nothing as the teams first caught up on a train, then all took the same flight to St. Petersburg, Russia. There are pros and cons about constantly starting out on a level playing field. Most of the cons would be for the leading teams, of course, but it prevents the scenario that played out during the first season with one team being separated from the pack by days, not hours. For the most part this season, the teams seem quite friendly to each other. Oh, there are a few exceptions ... or, at least one exception: The most amiable teams definitely aren't weak. Kat/Nat, Brook/Claire, Michael/Kevin and Gary/Mallory each have fantastic teamwork going on. Plus they don't seem malicious to the other teams. Jill and Thomas don't mix much with the other teams and tend to be lone wolves. Nick and Vicki are still quite clueless, but seem to have really matured in their relationship within the short span of the race so far. To Read More Click Here.

Da Da Da, 'The Amazing Race' Goes to Russia

Last week was fun and exciting (and perplexing for Nick and Vicki) but I agree with what one of you said in the comments, it wasn't very fair. Katie and Rachel weren't given much of a chance to catch up, with their late start and only two of the teams switching their order. Regardless, here we are in Narvik, Norway, en route to St. Petersburg, Russia. Have you heard, there's a rumor in St. Petersburg! (Yes, the movie  Anastasia  provides pretty much all of my bastardized knowledge of St. Petersburg).  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles To tie things up, it looks like everyone will be on the same train to Stockholm, where they will have an opportunity to bond and enjoy each others' company. In Stockholm, it's time for cab drivers to determine the order for the race; and Chad and Stephanieare already in an argument because they couldn't get a taxi. When are you going to pop the question, Chad? Not now? The flight to St. Petersburg evens everything out yet again, so Chad didn't need to get so angry. To Read More  Click Here.