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The Amazing Race 29 Recap – Becca and Floyd Eliminated: Season 29 Episode 10

Five teams remain but Joey and Tara will have to complete a speed bump to successfully finish this leg of the race. The teams that finish in the top four places will move on to the finals. Floyd and Becca leave first and board a bus to Ninh Binh. Matt and Redmond leave in second, Logan and London are in third, Brooke and Scoot are in fourth with Joey and Tara in last place. Floyd and Becca and Matt and Redmond leave on the first bus. The last three teams all get onto the second bus even though Scott and Brooke tried to pay the bus driver to leave before Tara and Joey could board. As teams arrive in Ninh Binh they must check out bicycles and ride to a local temple. Teams find their clue at the temple, must grab a gnome and get back onto their bikes. The next stop is a road block were they must load basket traps onto their bike and deliver them. READ MORE...

'The Amazing Race' Recap: Brooke Stumbles and Floyd Crumbles in a Tense Vietnam Leg

The Amazing Race marches closer to its season finale as CBS does their best to burn off all the episodes of this season as quickly as possible. It is another two-parter for The Amazing Race and that is a bit worrisome since the first one didn't go so well. This first two-parter lacked any cohesion. Even though it had non-elimination leg paired with an elimination leg it was in the exact opposite order in should have been ordered. This two-parter thankfully learns the mistake of the first making for a much more enjoyable experience ... even if Brooke reaches a new low (or high) of impatience and whining.  ...Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-amazing-race/the-amazing-race-recap-brooke-64776.aspx