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'The American Baking Competition's' Jeff Foxworthy on firemen and pink macaroons

Zap2it: As host of "The American Baking Competition," are you getting to sample a wide variety of food?Jeff Foxworthy: Yeah. Within every show, [the contestants] all start off with a signature dish, so it's their favorite home recipe for whatever it is ... cakes, pies, cookies, breads.The middle part is what's called "the technical bake," where the judges give everybody the same ingredients but real limited instructions. You have to make a pie, but you have to kind of trust your intuition on it. Then the third thing is more the appearance thing, what they call "the showstopper." It has to be pretty and taste good.Zap2it: How have your interactions with the contestants been?Jeff Foxworthy: When we taped Cookie Week, they had to make macaroons; that was their showstopper, and this big, strapping fireman made bright pink ones. It was a little incongruous, so I said, "You must have daughters, right?" And he laughed and... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/06/the-american-baking-competitions-jeff-foxworthy-on-firemen-and-pink-macaroons.html