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American Baking Competition winner: Brian Emmett, Francine Bryson or Darlene Pawlukowsky?

We started with 10 bakers on "The American Baking Competition" and now it's down to Francine Bryson, Brian Emmett and Darlene Pawlukowsky -- who is going to win it all?The signature bake this week is anything they want, as long as they incorporate Georgia's state crop, the peanut. It has to be more or less the star of the dish. Darlene makes a peanut cake roll, Brian makes a peanut vanilla chiffon roll and Francine makes a spiced peanut peanut butter torte. The two cake rolls go over well, while Francine's crazy peanut torte is not loved by the judges. They're actually kind of hard on her. The technical bake for the finale is a dozen Boston cream donuts, which is judge's Paul Hollywood's recipe. Francine redeems herself by making good donuts, though Darlene gets the best donuts.The showstopper bake is to make 72 miniature desserts (24 of three different kinds, meringue, pastry and cake)... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/07/american-baking-competition-winner-brian-emmett-francine-bryson-or-darlene-pawlukowsky.html