The Andy Griffith Show

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The Andy Griffith Show

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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8 Seasons, 249 Episodes
30 Minutes
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The Andy Griffith Show is an American television series humorously depicting life in a fictional southern community. The show stars Andy Griffith as Andy Taylor, the sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina, his son, Opie, his spinster aunt, Beatrice "Aunt Bee" Taylor, and his deputy, Barney Fife.


A Plaque for Mayberry

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The Andy Griffith Show S1E25
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Mayor Pike (Dick Elliott) and the townspeople are shocked to discover that the last living descendant of Revolutionary War hero, Nathan Tibbs, is Mayberry's town drunk, Otis Campbell.

Episode Reviews

by elfspider

Jun 27, 2016

Such a catchy theme song!

by bruhannuh

May 20, 2015

i love it !!!

by 123maxz

Oct 11, 2014

used to think this was the best show ever, its not

by Ricardo Clavell Haas

Oct 04, 2016

it was alright but did enjoy it