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  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s1e26The Manatee and the Lemur
    • s1e25The Badger and the Rabbit
    • s1e24The Bighorn Sheep and the Red Deer
    • s1e23The Gila Monster and the Kangaroo Rat
    • s1e22The Grizzly Bear and the Hedgehog
    • s1e21The Walrus and the Warthog
    • s1e20The Kangaroo and the Frog
    • s1e19The Wolf and the Baboon
    • s1e18The Beaver and the Spider
    • s1e17The Raccoon and the Polar Bear
    • s1e16The Tiger and the Tiger Beetle
    • s1e15The Giraffe and the Sloth
    • s1e14The Penguin and the Kiwi
    • s1e13The Owl and the Octopus
    • s1e12The Sea Otter and the Vulture
    • s1e11The Rhinoceros and the Gorilla
    • s1e10The Shark and the Sea Lion
    • s1e9The Wildebeest and the Sea Turtle
    • s1e8The Rattlesnake and the Skunk
    • s1e7The Lion and the Zebra
    • s1e6The Elephant and the African Hunting Dog
    • s1e5The Aardvark and the Chameleon
    • s1e4The Crocodile and the Armadillo
    • s1e3The Koala and the Ostrich
    • s1e2The Dolphin and the Fruit Bat
    • s1e1The Cheetah and the Gazelle