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Season 3


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  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s3e26The Gorilla and the Lion
    • s3e25The Mongoose and the Secretary Bird
    • s3e24The Giant Otter and the Mink
    • s3e23The Hornbill and the Woodpecker
    • s3e22The Rattlesnake
    • s3e21The Colobus Monkey and the Flying Squirrel
    • s3e20The Spoonbill and the Salmon
    • s3e19The Jaguar and the Tortoise
    • s3e18The Eagle
    • s3e17The Pika and the Chamois
    • s3e16The Fish
    • s3e15The Grasshopper Mouse and the Stoat
    • s3e14The Coyote and the Red Fox
    • s3e13The Wasp and the Ant
    • s3e12The Honeybee and the Honeypossum
    • s3e11The Spider Monkey and the Lemur
    • s3e10The Whale
    • s3e9The Albatross and the Hummingbird
    • s3e8The Monitor Lizard and the Crocodile
    • s3e7The Mouse
    • s3e6The Warthog and the Baboon
    • s3e5The Pelican and the Flamingo
    • s3e4The Indian Elephant and the Human
    • s3e3The Owl and the Frog
    • s3e2The Crab and the Snail
    • s3e1The Siberian Tiger and the Reindeer