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The Astronaut Wives Club is based on the book by Lily Koppel. This 10 episode limited series tells the story of the women who were key players behind some of the biggest events in American history.
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Jun 25, 2015 8:51AM EDT

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Why would they be friends when they have such animosity towards each other?

For example, when the group of wives comes to the one wife's door with food trying to be friendly she slams the door on them and tells them to go away, but then in the very next screen she wants to be their friend now. To me that only happened because the writers didn't want the wives to hate each other THAT MUCH. They just wanted to have some animosity between them so they could bring it up over and over again episode after boring episode.

To me it was just a bunch of pointless drama. People who aren't really friends, pretending they are friends and then fighting about it every week. In addition to constantly being upset that their husbands are sleeping with other women over and over again.

How long can they drag the same thing out?


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