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'Bachelorette'-Tube Week 3: Deleted Scenes, Diaries of the Departed, Key Moments

Last night on The Bachelorette, Ali invited the Barenaked Ladies to put some of the guys through a jealousy exam as she groped and kissed them, and some of them did not pass. Meanwhile, Roberto got one step closer to making Ali fall for him, and Justin became the official pariah of the house. Check out videos of two key moments from last night's episode of The Bachelorette with Roberto and Frank, plus after-interviews with her three eliminated guys, and one deleted scene showing a whole different side to lawyer Craig. To Read More Click Here .

'Bachelorette': Man Crying, Date Cut Short, Barenaked Ladies

Ali Fedotowski's quest for love on "The Bachelorette" continues with the elimination of three more guys. Steve Kocsis, John Crivello and Hunter Wagner are the ones sent home in the week where one of the guys shed a tear for being nervous. Ali had her first one on one date with Roberto, the guy who won Ali's first impression rose. They had to cross a tightrope suspended between two 20-story buildings before having a romantic dinner for two. After lots of cuddling and kissing, Ali gave him the first rose of the night. The group date involved nine guys including Jonathan the weatherman and Justin the entertainment wrestler in crutch. Together with Ali, these men filmed a Barenaked Ladies video. Frank was first up, having himself slapped by Ali in a scene. Jonathan meanwhile was assigned to have a kissing role with Ali. He was so nervous that he cried when the guys laughed at him for having trouble kissing the bachelorette. However, Ali saved the day and planted a big kiss on him. Frank showed jealousy when Ali and Kirk kissed. Later on, Kirk also earned a rose after an alone time with her. They had a wrap party in Los Angeles where the kissing scenes were largely discussed. The men grew more competitive in having a one on one time with Ali and stole her here and there. This included the time when Ali had a one on one date with Hunter. Justin walked to Ali's place where the date was taking place and cut short Hunter's time with Ali. The guys confronted Justin back in the mansion. In the rose ceremony, Chris L., Jesse, Chris N., Ty, Casey, Craig R., Jonathan, and Justin received the nine roses in respective order. Host Chris Harrison blogged on EW, "I want to briefly talk about Hunter and his one-on-one date. Hunter is one of those good guys that comes on this show and just never really feels comfortable. Sometimes despite your best efforts, this atmosphere just gets the better of you, and that was the case for Hunter. He and Ali just didn't have it, and he was out of his comfort zone." Source Here

'The Bachelorette' Episode 3 Preview: Daredevil Dates and Barenaked Ladies

Things are about to get a little more interesting as The Bachelorette moves on to its third episode. Not only will there be fierce competition among the 14 remaining contestants, some secrets will also be revealed. More details about tonight's installment after the jump. The Daredevil Date Just like in the past seasons, The Bachelorette season 6 features a "daring date" that finds Ali and one bachelor on an exciting yet death defying one-on-one adventure. Roberto turns out to the lucky suitor who is taken on a helicopter ride over Los Angeles where he and Ali have to walk across two skyscrapers in order to get to their romantic dinner destination. Will both Ali and Roberto conquer their fears? The Music Video Group Date Group dates reach a different new level as nine men are treated to a private Barenaked Ladies concert and a chance to star on the band's new music video for the single "You Run Away." While the contestants intimate scenes with Ali are worth looking into, one man's jealousy makes this episode even more interesting. The "Surprise" House Attack In attempt to nab some alone time with Ali, Justin sneaks out of the mansion and heads to her house where he surprises Ali and gets some romantic time with her. However, Justin's tryst with Ali consequently delays Hunter's one-on-one date with her. The best part of evening, though, is usually at the final rose ceremony where all the tension and drama start to build up. This week, one man's secret is revealed before Ali narrows down the competition to 11 suitors. Source Here

'Bachelorette' Episode 3 Clip: Kirk and Ali's Steamy Bedroom Scene

In the description for Monday's Bachelorette episode, we learn that some of the guys will join Ali on a group date to shoot a Barenaked Ladies music video, in which each man gets to share a steamy scene with Ali. "But nothing compares to one man's outrageous bedroom scene that ends with a passionate kiss," says the description from ABC, "which is so hot, it sends one of Ali's frontrunners into a jealous tailspin." Which man gets the bedroom scene, and which frontrunner flips out? Today's Bachelorette sneak peek shows it all: To Read More Click Here .