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'Bachelorette-Bites': The Winners and Losers of Week 9

Tonight on The Bachelorette, Ali traveled to Tahiti for some steamy hut-loving with her final three guys. And things were getting serious. The only thing she packed more of than bikinis were feelings. But there was just one problem: Frank was busy getting busy with his ex-girlfriend, and instead of going on their scheduled sailing date, Frank sailed into Tahiti and crushed Ali's spirit with a SHOCKING revelation (if you don't have the Internet) that he was in love with his ex (now ex-ex) Nicole. To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelorette' recap: Frankly, We're a Little Confused Now Season 6, Episode 9

Frank is as baffling to me now as he has been to Ali all season long. Part of me believes his decision to leave Ali for his ex - especially at this Top Three moment, as dramatic as it could get without being the final proposal week - proves he's just a Machiavellian aspiring screenwriter who wrote himself into his very own romantic reality plotline. Part of me believes he stumbled upon the most elaborate get-your-ex-back scheme ever. And part of me respects him for speaking his feelings now, lest he find himself forever holding his peace. This much I can say: Leaving Ali at this late stage took guts. How you feel about those guts is a matter of interpretation. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 9, Season 6

Somebody asked me via Twitter this week how the show changes after we get to the hometown dates. That’s a great question, especially because it really had an impact on what happened with Frank this week. Once we get to the hometown dates, everything is cranked up a notch. The guys really don’t see each other anymore - except at the rose ceremonies. The process becomes a lot more personal and emotional, and each guy has a lot more time to think about his own relationship with Ali - or in Frank’s case, to think about other relationships as well. I’ll give you my thoughts on Frank in just a bit, but first let’s discuss our final two men. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 9

This week's episode begins with a montage of each guy's time on the show thus far as they talk about how they need to open up completely to win Ali's heart. Easier said than done for all three, since Chris L. has been slow to show his true feelings, Roberto and Ali have concentrated a lot on physical chemistry more than anything else and since Frank has been so unsure of his and Ali's relationship the entire time. However, Frank's montage quickly turns from sappy and boring to despicable and dramatic, when Frank begins to talk about his dilemma. He explains that, as he's fallen in love with Ali, he has simultaneously started to have feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, again. Frank says it's "killing him" that he has feelings for two girls (cry me a river) and explains that he has to go to Chicago to see Nicole before he leaves for Tahiti to be with Ali. The absolute worst part is the Ali doesn't even know about Nicole. Nicole was the last relationship Frank had before he went on the show, but even then, he says he hasn't talked to her in months. So what gives? As Frank heads to Nicole's apartment, he says he thinks he knows how Ali feels but he also believes Nicole will still have feelings for him. He sits on Nicole's couch and says he's a "wreck" and that although he has formed a strong bond with Ali, he has been thinking about Nicole more and more throughout this process. He says he and Ali have had something amazing right from the start and that his feelings for Ali are "very real." Frank says they have an awesome relationship. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Frank leaves on his own on Bachelorette because he loves his ex

The Bachelorette Ali did't have to make a decision. She started with three and at the rose ceremony she had two. Frank told Ali that he loves his ex. I was disappointed that Frank don't her this late. Especially after seeing what Justin did. It was a little jerky. He looks bad just like Justin. But I know this was going to happen a few weeks ago. They showed a preview that gave it all away. I knew this whole thing was going to go done. They should have kept it a secret instead of spoiling it with the preview. Ali was crushed into pieces after Frank told her. She was really falling for him. She was going to pick him for final two. But now, she is in tears. She had a rose ceremony to make sure the two guys really cared for her. The final two now is Roberto and Chris. With Roberto, she had a romantic overnight date with. The passion was there with the two. They seem to go closer. It's obvious that she really cares for him. I feel this two have been dating for a year and ready for the engagement. With Chris, I still feel like these two need a lot more time. They had chemistry but not as much as with Roberto. I compare these two as dating for a few weeks or even a month. They are not ready for the engagement. I love these two. Both are my favorites. But I pick Roberto to win Ali over. I see Roberto more chemistry with Ali. She lights up when he is around her. Read more from this author >>

The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 9 "Three Men..Two Continue" Review

For those of you that didn't see all the media previews for tonight's episode of The Bachelorette your jaw just might hit the floor. This week however there was a lot of video spoiling about Frank and him breaking Ali's heart. And of course tonight we see just what happened to send this year's Bachelorette is utter tears. Frank went back to Chicago to see if his feelings for his ex Nicole were still there. He claims that he wanted to make sure it was over in order to continue moving forward with Ali, since he was certain he was falling in love with her. But ahhh Frank, he realizes quite the opposite and finds himself torn between two loves. And of course he chooses the ex. But not before flying to Tahiti and telling Ali that he can not continue because of her. Of course Ali doesn't take this news very well. Personally I figured Frank would make it to the end. She seemed to be the most attracted to him over all the others. But alas a Bachelorette finds out that sometimes you fall for those that are not good for you. Ali did have two amazing overnight dates with both Chris and Roberto. And she has two outstanding finalists to chose from and I have no clue as to who will be standing with her at the end. This show is drama filled every season. And it was a great night to see just how great the producers protray storylines to make any viewer craving for more. Next week is the reunion show and I hope Frank will be there for that!

The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 9 "Three Men Remain" Preview

Well I have some great preview points and spoilers for this upcoming episode of The Bachelorette in fact I suggest you click the following link and watch the long sneak peek video of Frank confronting his ex girlfriend to determine whether or not he is still in love with her? WOW is what I have to say and WOW is what I am sure you are saying right at this very moment. Here is the link: . The three men and Ali fly to Tahiti for their overnight dates. And it looks like Frank didn't take the flight and stayed back in Chicago to meet up with Nicole. Does she still have feelings for Frank? She sure does and she wants him to come home! Will this break Ali's heart? Since I myself thought Frank would be the one in the end. Well if Frank goes with Nicole she does still have two great pickings left with Chris and mmmhmmm Roberto! This is an important episode at the last one before the FINALE! Will Frank make the Finale? What do you think?