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'Bachelorette' Premiere Spoilers: Sneak Peek Video, Which Men to Watch for and More

If you've missed our previous spoiler posts, please refresh yourself with this archive:   Part One ,  Part Two ,  Part Three ,  Part Four  and  Part Five . A week from today, America will finally, vicariously start upon the most magical journey of our collective lives: The Bachelorette season 8 starring Emily Maynard, the single mom with the true tragic backstory of a romance novel heroine, the beauty of Barbie, the heart of Mother Theresa and the patience of an angel. At least, we hope that she has the patience of an angel, given the shocking surprises and uncomfortable antics we're sure ABC has in store for her and her 25 suitors. It all begins Monday, May 14 (the day after Mother's Day, how appropriate!) at a special time, 9:30 to 11pm, on ABC. There will be plenty to see as Emily meets the guys for the very first time, and attempts to navigate a North Carolina mansion full of machismo, jealousy and desperate displays of affection. The cheesy limo entrances; the creepy gifts and love letters; the last-ditch attempts to make a lasting impression before the rose ceremony. Truly, the first night of any Bachelorette season is often the most entertaining of them all! But for those who simply cannot wait a week, here's a handy guide to the freshest batch of spoilers about Emily's premiere as The Bachelorette : //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-bachelorette/bachelorette-premiere-spoilers-45492.aspx