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This Week In TV for July 15-21 2013

.twitv-show-image { float: left; } .twitv-show-image img { margin:0 !important; } .twitv-writeup { float: left; margin-left: 15px; width: 408px; font:14px/18px Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif; } .twitv { padding: 10px; height: 160px; } .chooseLeft { float: left; width: 120px; display: inline; color: #505050; } .weekList { float: right; display: inline; } .showlist { width:708px !important; } .showlist .showHeader { width: 669px !important; } Monday's Picks The Bachelorette It’s hometown visit time, with Desiree meeting the families of the four remaining bachelors. As if meeting your significant other’s parents isn’t already rife with pressure, imagine having to fake it with at least two of those sets of parents? Poor Desiree… Go to episode » 8:00PM on ABC Tuesday's Picks Perfect Score Contestants on this new dating show can win love AND cash, and no, that’s not like prostitution at all, why would you even think that? Go to episode » 9:00PM on The CW Covert Affairs Season four premieres with Annie on the case, and dealing with two relationships. (And if you’re wondering what band this season is taking its episode titles from, it’s The Pixies…) Go to episode » 9:00PM on USA Suits Harvey and Mike are back for a third season, trying cases, and looking ridiculously attractive, per usual. Go to episode » 10:00PM on USA Wednesday's Picks Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Oh yes. They’re back, y’all, and you can bet they’ll be showing the wedding of June and Sugar Bear in all its Technicolor glory…eventually. Tonight, the family watches wrestling and takes turns on a buttered-up a Slip N' Slide. In other words: It must be Wednesday. Go to episode » 9:00PM on TLC Thursday's Picks Project Runway Yes, we know it seems like we just finished with one season of Project Runway. And who can forget how that one ended, with the winner….umm…who won again? Oh well, who cares! Bring on the latest batch of hopefuls armed with scissors! Go to episode » 9:00PM on Lifetime Friday's Picks Teen Beach Movie The Disney Channel has been looking for its next High School Musical for a while. Will this flashback to the beach musicals of the 1960s be it? Time travel, musical numbers, and wholesome teen stars…sounds like it just might! Go to episode » 8:00PM on Disney Channel Saturday's Picks Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove The Hallmark Channel is now more than made-for-TV movies and old TV show reruns with this, the premiere of their first scripted drama. Based on a series of books by, you guessed it, Debbie Macomber, it stars Andie MacDowell as Olivia Lockhart, a judge in a local municipality in Washington State. Go to episode » 8:00PM on Hallmark Channel Sunday's Picks Breaking Amish: LA Out with the old Amish, in with the new Amish! Yes, the network is moving on with a brand new set of Amish kids trying to make it in the big city. But will this new batch be as controversial as the old batch? You can bet TLC is hoping so! Go to episode » 10:00PM on TLC

Bachelorette 2013: Why Desiree Hartsock Should Choose Zak Waddell

Let’s talk about Zak Waddell, the charming, hot Bachelorette 2013 contestant who we think is arguably the best choice for Desiree Hartsock. There are three other great choices in waiting for Desiree, but Zak has a few things the other guys don’t that make him our pick for hottest shirtless dude on the show Des. First of all, Zak is obviously not afraid of showing his personality every week, no matter what people have to say about what that looks like. Nude scene on a balcony? No problem.... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/gvGmWP5MhzA/2013-07-11-why-desiree-hartsock-should-choose

'The Bachelorette''s Michael G. talks about heartbreak, betrayal and Ben

"The Bachelorette"'s Michael Garofola talks to journalists about getting dumped, the "undeniable chemistry" between Brooks and Des, and why he really wasn't crying to his mommy in the van ride to the airport. Read More... //www.hitfix.com/starr-raving/the-bachelorettes-michael-g-talks-about-heartbreak-betrayal-and-ben

'The Bachelorette' Interview: Michael on the Remaining Men, Sealing Ben's Fate and Calling His Mother

You could say Michael wasn't given his fair due during his time on The Bachelorette. For instance, of the final five guys, he was the only one not to have a one-on-one date prior to Monday's episode . You could say that set him way back since it was highly unlikely Desiree's feelings for Michael would be ahead of the other four. Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-bachelorette/the-bachelorette-interview-mic-50578.aspx

'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: Brooks vs. Chris

With only four men left on The Bachelorette , it's becoming pretty obvious which guys are making quite an impact on Desiree Hartsock. And based on Monday's episode, it looks like it's going to be a battle between Brooks and Chris. Find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and Desiree herself have to stay about these two front runners. Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/the-bachelorette/the-bachelorette-family-blogs-50552.aspx

Ali Fedotowsky: Desiree Saying She Loves Brooks Means He Doesn't Win

We were shocked when Desiree Hartsock told Chris Harrison on the July 8 episode of The Bachelorette, that she is "in love with" Brooks Forester. And we weren’t the only ones. Frankly, there aren’t enough menswear pocket squares to mop up all of our tears after reading Ali Fedotowsky’s take on things in her E! Bachelorette blog What does the Season 6 Bachelorette say, exactly? Oh, just that the fact that Des admitted she’s in love with Brooks means that HE DOESN’T WIN!!! Breathe. "I can't... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/7xHDd-vJqCs/2013-07-09-why-brooks-forester-may-lose

Bachelorette 4’s Jesse Csincsak Shocked By This Week's Episode — Why?

Bachelorette Season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak's relationship with DeAnna Pappas may not have worked out, but this snowboarding mega-hunk is still a card-holding member of Bachelor Nation, and he has all kinds of opinions on Desiree Hartsock's season. Oh, and plenty of inside scoop! Much like the rest of us Bachelorette fan-atics, Jesse was shocked when Desiree sat down with her personal pimp, Chris Harrison, and revealed that she's "at the finish line" with Brooks Forester. Which is apparently... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/F-dPKMaOgBo/2013-07-09-jesse-csincsak-desiree-hartsock-love

Is Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Moving Too Fast With Brooks Forester?

Desiree Hartsock hearts each and every one of her Bachelorette boy-toys, but she has a soft spot for Brooks "I Love Clouds!" Forester and his undulating pompadour of perfection. By which we mean she's completely in love with him. Shocking, we know, especially considering that Des has been on approximately two dates with the guy — not counting that unfortunate time she massacred his pinkie finger. There's no denying that Des and Brooks have a deep connection, but our jaws hit the floor when... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/VGwWcwaOfuw/2013-07-09-is-desiree-hartsock-moving-too

'The Bachelorette' Earns a Season High in Viewers and 'Mistresses' Hits 4-Week Highs

With The Bachelorette and Mistresses, ABC ranked #1 Monday in Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and across all key Women demos (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54). Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/Tvbythenumbers/~3/jbv_37sIJDs/

'Bachelorette' Ep. 7: Des Forces The Prosecution To Rest

True BFFs Spy On Dudes Through Binoculars Des and her five remaining men yell "Madeira!" a bunch of times while sitting on a boat. We learn that there will be three one-on-one dates and one two-on-one date this week, but no one will be eliminated until the rose ceremony. Post- James debacle , Des' confidence is "shaken" so she the producers invite some of her gal pals from Sean's season -- Catherine, Jackie and Lesley M. -- to Madeira for cocktails and girl talk (ya know, lady stuff): --Catherine reports that she and Sean are still BFFs and in love and rooting for Des. Read More... //www.huffingtonpost.com/emma-gray/the-bachelorette-season-9-episode-7-desiree-hartsock_b_3563760.html?utm_hp_ref=tv&ir=TV