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hi its jadile

hi its jadil here i want 2 knw whn Episode 6 will relist plz ans me i want u knw i vry plz 2 c tht. thx u

The City meets the Modeling world except faker

This show got axed because it was an even faker The City, from the view of the models. If it were a reality who knows, maybe it would have survived.

the beautiful life : tbl

It's sad to see the cw show the beautiful life go. know one realy gave it a chance so it was put up for cancellation. i will miss the show even though i only got to see 3 episodes. i think if they would have advertised it better it would have gotten more veiwers and it would get more support to not be canceled. but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

10 Things I Learned From Last Night's Beautiful Life - Featured

The Beautiful Life aired its second episode on The CW last night. Yes, I am still watching this show because I am lured by the pretty faces and sparkles. But, seriously, this show is laughably bad, beginning with its asinine title (The Beautiful Life: TBL). So, without further ado, things I learned from last night's episode: 1. Knowing what "irony" is makes you a smart model. (Cole comments, "Does anybody else find a group of models partying for global hunger ironic? Does anybody know the definition of irony?'' This is supposed to be funny, I think, because models are dumb...except for Cole, because he knows what irony is - Ha. Ha.) 2. This is how models dress around the house: 3. The paparazzi/entertainment news networks cover the lives of models that nobody has ever heard about. 4. Not only do all of the models live in the same building together, but half of them book the same photo shoot! 5. This is the attire in which models do their nightly reading, all whilst carrying on a conversation with their roommate (And, again, Cole is smart...because he reads ). 6. Elle Macpherson: Should probably stick to the modeling portion of her model/actress title, because I am sorry, but she is awful . 7. Mischa Barton: Should probably abandon both modeling and acting. Seriously, she's playing herself , yet somehow she's still bad. I am sorry, but her acting has somehow gotten worse since her days on The O.C. , which I didn't think was possible! 8. "Thugs" on The CW wear designer jeans and polo shirts (Couldn't get a good screenshot, but this is what the guys that beat up Raina's brother were wearing...I'm not joking)! 9. Whoring yourself out is always the answer (Sonja, Isaac and Marissa have all already used this tactic). You've gotta love The CW sometimes... And...saving the best for last: 10. Let the paps know about your cocaine problem, because god forbid they learn you had a baby . (Sonja) What did you think of the second episode of The Beautiful Life ? Also, if you didn't know, a mere 1.1 million viewers tuned into this episode of TBL, which is bad even by CW standards. This one might not be around for much longer... Have you entered SideReel's Fall TV Death Pool on Facebook yet?

The Beautiful Life Season 1, Episode 1: 'Pilot' Review - Featured

The CW has now premiered all three of its new fall shows, and after watching The Beautiful Life ' Pilot ' last night, I think it's fair to declare that Vampire Diaries is the CW newbie winner... by a landslide. And I didn't even like Vampire Diaries that much. But what I liked far less was the lack of absolutely anything happening on The Beautiful Life premiere which was supposed to be all about the scandalous drama of the lives of big fashion models. If they can find a way to make Melrose Place (2009) a more intriguing drama when it focuses on people trying to make it in LA with barely a glimmer of hope at success or fame, I can't imagine why TBL (FINE, I'll use your acronym, but not after the title!) wasn't at all dramatic or interesting. Sure, it had some elements for potential drama including the "mystery" of why Mischa Barton's character Sonja disappeared from the runway for months, the rising star Reina having to take Sonja's place on the runway because Sonja didn't fit in the dress, the agent who hits on young boy models and the sleazy older agent (or whatever they are) hitting on every under-aged model he can. Soo, sounds like a completely edgy and intense episode, right? Somehow... not at all. The pilot felt as if they had the shell of an idea of how to expose the drama and not-so-glamorous lives of models behind the scenes, but they didn't find a way to make us care. They also didn't work the dramatic elements they threw together in a way that worked at all. Along with that, they didn't do anything shocking or creative with this show. We've had enough model reality shows and peeks into models lives through movies and TV shows that made absolutely nothing of what they were doing with this show new. We've seen the story about someone like Iowa boy getting discovered off the street, we've seen the story of how models are given a hard time about what they eat and drink, we've seen how cut-throat the business is, and how they can claw their way to the top. We don't need a whole show focusing on everything cliche we already know and have seen already. So now the question is, was that all just feeling cliche because they had to give us an introductory episode setting up the modeling world and the characters before they could lay out any new and unique drama? Well, I guess we'll wait and see next week, but I fear most of us may not be returning to give them the chance to amp up the intrigue. What did you think? Did you like the premiere and feel I'm being too harsh on this newbie? Do you think there's hope for improvement from here or are you dropping this one like a hot rock to watch tried and true Wednesday night TV?

Fall TV Preview 2009: The Beautiful Life: TBL

The Beautiful Life ( The CW ) Premiere: Wednesday, Sept. 16, 9-10 p.m. Time-Slot Competition: Glee , Criminal Minds , Law & Order: Special Victims Unit , Modern Family , Cougar Town Cast: Mischa Barton, Sara Paxton, Elle Macpherson, Ben Hollingsworth, Corbin Bleu, Nico Tortorella, Ashley Madekwe Status: We've seen the presentation pilot (not the full version that airs next week). Should you watch The Beautiful Life: TBL? Read on... Set in the glamorous world of New York's fashion elite, TBL takes you through the trials and tribulations of two fresh-faced teenage models (Sara Paxton and Ben Hollingsworth) as they try to make their way in the cutthroat world of modeling. The typical storylines are all there: A boy fresh off the farm reluctantly gives the bright lights/big city a shot (enter Ben's Chris Andrews); a newbie model tries to escape her mysterious past (hello, Sara's It girl, Raina Mayer); and a model once at the top of her game tries desperately to reclaim her position (that'd be Mischa Barton's Kate Moss-esque character, Sonja Stone). If you can get past those inherent clichés, the flashy, pretty and sexy show is a fun ride for those obsessed with all things beau-ti-ful. Of the former O.C. star's character, executive producer Karey Burke says: "It's dealing with a character that is living her life in the spotlight, being hounded by the paparazzi, who is at a massive turning point in her career, where it's sort of make-it or break-it time, and there are things thematically where it's exactly what's going on with Mischa's life, and she's embracing all of them." Rounding out the cast are Elle MacPherson, who plays the head of the Covet Modeling Agency, and Corbin Bleu, Nico Tortorella and Ashley Madekwe, who are all cast as, you guessed it, models. Oh, and for the True Blood fans out there, Ed Quinn, who played a badass Dallas vamp this season, is on board as Elle's hubby. Yum! Verdict: DVR Source: E!Online - Fall TV Preview 2009: The Beautiful Life: TBL

SideReel's Fall TV Preview - The CW - Featured

As the premieres of the new fall shows approach, we'll be giving you a peek at this fall's newbies and our opinions on each network's new shows all week! Check out the FOX Fall Preview , the NBC Fall Preview , the ABC Fall Preview , the CBS Fall Preview and today, The CW 's preview below! Best of all, 2 of The CW's new shows are premiering next week , so you won't have to wait long to check them out: The Best: Melrose Place (2009) - Premieres September 8th I'm not going to lie. I got all huffy when The CW announced a Melrose Place reboot/remake and vowed that I wouldn't watch ("First 90210 . Now Melrose Place? What is this? The '90s?"). But...after watching the previews for all 3 of The CW's new shows, I actually think that MP is looking like the best of the bunch. I'm liking the cast - Michael Rady, Katie Cassidy, Jessica Lucas (we'll ignore Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) and some faces from the original, not that anyone of this generation will be able to recognize them or care - and the clips suggest a more cohesive plot than the two shows listed below - starting off with a murder mystery! And if nothing else, Melrose Place promises to be a deliciously trashy companion piece to 90210 . Hey, it worked in the '90s, right? The Worst: Vampire Diaries - Premieres September 10th I'm not saying that I won't watch it (or that it won't become The CW's next massive hit), but I'm sorry, I just don't think that this show looks that good. The CW is cleverly capitalizing on the vampire craze and have constructed what basically appears to be Twilight : The TV Show. Yes , I know that Vampire Diaries was a book series before Twilight and contains a different plot: 2 brothers, one good and one evil, both love the same girl - The CW and fansites remind us of this fact regularly - but if you just watch the trailer for Vampire Diaries, I can't help but feeling like it's a desperate attempt to jump on a bandwagon (even if the books came first...). What's more, some of the trailers really are edited in such a way that they seem like blatant rip-offs of the original Twilight trailer. What's more, I do believe that the point will come where people have decided that pop culture has become oversaturated with vampires. You might not be there just yet, but give yourself a little more time... The Wild Card: The Beautiful Life - Premieres September 16th Much like the current state of health of TBL actress Mischa Barton, this show is seeming like a big wild card. In theory I like the concept - and it's a great companion piece for America's Next Top Model ...a show about models! I also like the casting; Sara Paxton is a cute and appealing lead, the guys (Ben Hollingsworth, Nico Tortorella, High School Musical's Corbin Bleu are all oh-so-pretty) and if Mischa Barton can stay out of rehab...you can't deny that she's perfectly cast here. My concern for this show is that its plot is underdeveloped. The previews aren't giving us much more than, "Models! Pretty!", complete with some scenes of everyone looking pretty, Paxton looking doe-eyed and Barton looking angry. Is there enough here for a whole show? Depends on what The CW does with it. Saved for late fall/midseason: Life UneXpected Which of The CW 's new shows will you be checking out? Not gonna lie, I'll probably be watching them all... Check out the Fall 2009 TV Calendar here