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Tonight's TV Hot List for Friday, April 3, 2009 - Featured

* Yo Gabba Gabba! (1:30 pm/ET Nickelodeon) Jack Black apparently left home without his GPS because he gets lost in Gabbaland while out for a ride on his minibike. Naturally, he's scared at first in this strange land, but Jack's boisterous personality soon emerges, allowing him to fit right in with the colorful Gabba gang and become fast friends with them all. Soon he's singing and teaching his new pals a dance called the Disco Roll before he rolls out of town and heads home. * Stargate: Continuum (9 pm/ET Sci-Fi ) The franchise boldly goes where The Terminator and Star Trek: First Contact have gone before when Ba'al (Cliff Simon), a baddie from the series' rogues' gallery, goes back in time to prevent the good guys from becoming a threat. Ben Browder (Farscape), Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary), Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) and the rest of the SG-1 team star in this direct-to-video flick. * Dollhouse (9:01 pm/ET Fox) When Echo, Sierra and Victor wake from their enforced mind-benders with heads freed from Topher's electro-charged manipulations - in other words, as their original selves - Echo leads a breakout attempt from the Dollhouse. Is it the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning or little more than sound and fury, signifying nothing? * The Best Years (8 pm/ET The N) The college-set drama begins its second season with Samantha returning to Charles University for a second year, after she took some time off to travel to South America. Samantha won't be able to ease into her new semester, though, because she has her hands full with new roommate Alicia, Dorothy's rebellious daughter. For her first task as a pseudo big sister, Samantha must prevent Alicia from being the victim of a prank a group of frat boys are planning. * Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (9 pm/ET National Geographic) Dogs and horses are clashing at a therapeutic riding center in California, and it'll take a team effort to sort this one out. So Cesar Millan calls upon "horse whisperer" Pat Parelli to help him get to the bottom of this canine-equine crisis. Source here

Season 2 Airs April 3rd, 2009!!

The N has shown various previews in the past couple of weeks stating that The Best Years will return on April 3rd at 8pm est for a whole new season! Excited?