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I absolutley love this show. It's witty and exactly around my age limit. No more high school, college time. Although i did not attend college, i wish i had, this show gives me a hint of what it would have been like and the type of people i could have met. Although in this show i don't like how Sam can get so angry sometimes, she seems to yell at people to leave a lot... which to me is kind of retarded lol. but that's just her way i guess. Although i didn't like how the-n transitioned from season 2 to season 1. they totally got rid of the two characters Devon and Trent with very little explanation. I understand Devon not showing up again as he went off to play basketball with some teem after realizing a future with Sam was really out the window, but still, he could have stayed, i liked his character. It angers me that they just up and dad away with Trent tho. I don't get why Sam would stay away for 8 months and just NOT go back to school. I just think that was totally stupid, although it did bring the character Rich into the scene. But I don't get how when she does return to school, how Trent just ISN'T there, and they vaguely explain where he went a few episodes into season 2, but it wasn't enough, you can't just forget about a character like that, for goodness sakes he was going to REHAB and trying to become a better person to make things work with Sam, and she just up and dissapears, then so does he, that is no way to end and start a new season, come on now! Not only is he missing but so is the club they would all hang out at... it's just weird how they changed all that, not a change i personally liked. Although i still kept up with the show, aside from their retarded transition from season one to season two, it's still great and i would recommend it to anyone in college!