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Episode Recap: "The Vartabedian Conundrum"

Everything seemed to be going great between Leonard and Stephanie, but apparently things are moving a bit too fast for Leonard, who seeks advice from Penny. We first find Stephanie looking in Sheldon's ear because Sheldon's complaining of high-pitched ringing. Sheldon states, "You're the doc, but I keep hearing the most annoying sound," and Leonard quickly responds, "Me too." Stephanie comes to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with Sheldon and heads to bed. Before Leonard could follow her lead, Sheldon calls for a meeting and congratulates him on the blossoming relationship...and also brings to his attention that she is the third roommate, which Leonard adamantly denies. Sheldon then presents Leonard with the legal (and signed) documentation that states the rules and regulations of this very occurrence. The next morning the three "new roommates" were in the kitchen, when Penny comes walking (pantless) into the apartment looking for coffee. This automatically makes Stephanie visibly jealous because she has never heard anything about Penny. Can this really be the first time she has seen or heard about Penny!? Anyway, Stephanie eventually leaves in order to get to her "gall bladder removal appointment," and since Leonard was having trouble dealing with the fact that Stephanie has moved in, Penny decided to investigate his room. Here we find many examples of his bachelor-less ways (floral bed sheets, dresses in the closet, scented candles, a jewelry box to name a few) and Leonard finally comes to his revelation, "Oh my God, we're living together." Next, we find Sheldon at the hospital insisting that there is something wrong with him. He was even holding the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope his aunt gave him when he was 12. Stephanie wants nothing to do with Sheldon and his hypochondriac ways and denies the extensive tests that he wants performed. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny were doing laundry in the wash room and Penny asks Leonard a very simple question: "Are you happy?" Although Leonard was struggling to answer this question, he seems to really be able to confide in Penny and it always seems to happen in the laundry room. Leonard eventually decides that he is going to talk to Stephanie and let her know that they need to move at a slower pace. For full Recap Read here