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Recap: "The Terminator Decoupling"

While on a train to San Francisco, the guys attempt to talk to actress Summer Glau. Meanwhile, Sheldon forgets his flash drive and needs Penny's assistance. The episode began with the guys debating on whether to fix their TiVo or not. Sheldon didn't want to do this because of the warranty, however he also refused to delete season one of Battlestar. So, the only thing to do was fix up the TiVo and allow it to hold more memory. I think that was the only choice...I mean, you can't delete season one of Battlestar! While this decision was going on, Penny brings Leonard a suitcase, and she asks about the trip they are taking. Leonard explains to her that because Sheldon voted against traveling by plane to California, they had no choice but to take the more time-consuming train. But this turned out to be a blessing for the guys, especially Howard and Raj... The guys walked on the train and began to find their seat, but, of course, even finding a seat is a process because Sheldon needs to find the one with the "perfect view." What they didn't expect to see on this trip was actress Summer Glau (appearing as herself), who just so happens to be on the same train. "I have a shot at the Terminator!" Howard exclaims as he conjures up the perfect pick-up line. Raj suddenly asks Howard why he automatically assumes he should go and talk to her (especially considering he saw her first), but Howard reminds Raj that he can't talk to girls without the assistance of alcohol. Soon after that statement, Raj exits to find the nearest bar on the train. Then, all hell breaks loose in the world of Sheldon! He realizes that he forgot his flash drive, which holds a paper that he was going to give astrophysicist George Smoot when they arrived in San Francisco. Leonard attempts to calm Sheldon down and suggests that Sheldon just relax. In my favorite scene of this week's episode, Sheldon then sits there and repeatedly says, "You forgot your flash drive, you forgot your flash drive..." to the beat of the train sounds. Meanwhile, Howard decides to talk to the beautiful Summer Glau. He even practices his pick-up line to himself, "It's hot in here...it must be summer." (I must say, even I was impressed by that one.) Anyway, he eventually chickens out and gives that line to a group of nuns sitting in the seats next to her. We then find Raj returning from the bar, and he darts right past Howard to sit across from Summer. Not only did he end up using Howard's pick up line, but she actually seemed impressed by Raj. "Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? It's loosely based on my life," he said. All was going well (and I thought that maybe Raj had actually had a chance to be with a TV star!), but a very annoyed Howard eventually finds out that the beer Raj is drinking is non-alcoholic. He lets Raj know, sending him into a speechless frenzy and leaving Summer in the hand of Howard. To Read The Complete Recap Click Here .