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'The Biggest Loser' Season 17 Declares a Winner

After 12 weeks of excruciating workouts, The Biggest Loser has finally crowned a winner for season 17. Heading into the live finale, Roberto Hernandez and Stephen Kmet have already secured their places while Colby Wright and Jacquelyne "Jacky" Kmet had to fight for the last spot.   Read More... //

The Biggest Loser Finale: Season 17's Two Champions Revealed

Three competitorsremained at the top of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nationslive two-hour finale,but only one would come out on top. (Or on the bottom. Honestly, thiswhole loser concept can get complicated sometimes.) After 12weeks of pushing themselves past their breaking points, Colby Wright, Stephen Kmet and Roberto Hernandez faced their final weigh-ins Monday night. The [] //

The Biggest Loser's Latest Winner Is...

You know how in Clueless, Cher's greatest joy in life was a makeover? She would've loved The Biggest Loser--especially the finale, when we see the incredible transformations each......   Read More... //

Who Is 'The Biggest Loser' of Season 17? Find Out the Winner

Three contestants, Roberto Hernandez, Colby Wright and Stephen Kmet, remain in the finale, but only one walks home with the grand prize....   Read More... //

'The Biggest Loser' premiere recap: 'Money Hungry'

Along with a new host, there's a new house, gym, and extra scale to benefit (or torture) our contestants.   Read More... //

'The Biggest Loser' Season Finale Recap: Who Will Be Named The Winner?

Well guys, it's all down to this. Toma, Sonya and Rob are here to battle it out for the title. It's the live finale Alison emerges from the stage looking prettier than ever, and I seriously fear that I'm going to get distracted from this finale while Googling where her dress came from. It probably costs a million dollars, so maybe I should just pretend I don't totally love it.   Read More... //

'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Who Will Make the Final Three?

It's time to reflect on the final four! Remember week one? Everyone was so much bigger then. Memories. Jenna Wolfe from The Today Show is at the gym as a guest trainer. Let's hope she's not excellent, since Jessie and Jen seem to be hanging on by a thread, and it'd be good to see them for another season or two. Jenna is pregnant, and wants to prove that you can still get an excellent workout when you're knocked up. The trainers are also training under Bob's tutelage, and I have to say -- Jen can carry a ton of weight, somewhat flawlessly. "Watching Bob Harper working out three trainers... I think it's pretty amazing," Woody states.   Read More... //

'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Biggest Comeback Ever

They say it's the most highly anticipated comeback in The Biggest Loser history, but -- is it? Tonight it all comes down to Woody and Scott. One of them will be able to rejoin the ranch, and according to Bob Harper, it's about to get crazy in here! As expected, the contestants are all super excited to see Bob, and know he didn't quit the show like Jillian did. Out comes Woody. I guess he won, but his entrance totally lacked drama and suspense the way that Bob's did. "We've never had a surprise quite like this one," Alison states before Bob explained the concept of Comeback Canyon to the other contestants. "This man brought down the beast," Bob says. Poor Scott -- he was so close!   Read More... //

'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Time Has Come for Makeovers

Guys, we finally did it. We made it to Makeover Week. If you're a fan of any reality TV show ever, you know that this is the absolute best episode of the season. But before we can gawk over weird haircuts, let's remember that Woody just reached Comeback Canyon, and has no clue what the heck is going on. "To have this second chance? It's phemonenal," he claims after Bob reiterates the fact that he has a second chance. Scott and Woody actually have a bit of resentment towards each other, which should be fun. Remember, Woody was responsible for Scott leaving the ranch in the first place.   Read More... //

'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Taking Big Leaps

Previously on The Biggest Loser , our final contestants had an amazing beach experience in Hawaii, and Jordan was sent "home" to meet up with Bob back at Comeback Canyon. There's only five of them left, and this episode is totally resolution-themed. Wait, today marks the beginning of the year! Is this live ? (Of course I know it's not live.) After some inspiring words about moving forward with the new year, the contestants awkwardly move some logs around the Hawaii beach for exercise.   Read More... //