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'The Blacklist': Who is Lucy Brooks?

Monday's (Nov. 11) episode of "The Blacklist" introduced some interesting wrinkles to both Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington's pasts -- and raised some questions of how they intersect.We've dissected the idea that Reddington is Elizabeth's father here in our recap. The show heavily implied it last night, but it did not state it outright and if you go back and watch the scene between Red and Sam in the hospital, it conspicuously does not say what exactly Sam needs to tell her when he says, "I need to tell Lizzie. I know what we agreed, but before I go I have to tell her. She deserves the truth."So, is Elizabeth Red's daughter? Jury's still out. But Lucy Brooks might also be his daughter. At the end of the episode, Agent Cooper gives Red "one bite of the apple" by letting him access the Violet Criminal Apprehension Program database, where he types 042983 and up comes... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/11/the-blacklist-who-is-lucy-brooks.html

'The Blacklist': Is Reddington Elizabeth Keen's father?

On the latest episode of "The Blacklist," Elizabeth's father is dying from cancer and Reddington steps in to "help" him -- and perhaps protect his own secret?The Case of the WeekBut first. Justin Kirk guest-stars as Nathaniel Wolf, a man purporting to be General Ludd, the leader of some modern-day Luddites -- a group aiming to "wash away the greedy ... oligarchs of corporate America who've destroyed the middle class on whose backs this country was built."He uses some domestic terrorism as a way to make sure his trucking company is transporting money and, more importantly, the new blueprint for the 100-dollar bill, which he tries to swap out with a fake, thus ensuring millions of counterfeit bills are minted. But Reddington stops him (taking the blueprint for himself, of course).Keen and RedElizabeth's father Sam has weeks to live, since his cancer has returned and spread to his liver. Red goes to see him on... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/11/the-blacklist-general-ludd-is-reddington-elizabeth-keens-father.html

The Blacklist (NBC) Episode 8 “General Ludd”

The Blacklist  Episode 8 “General Ludd” airs Monday, November 11 at 10PM on NBC. Episode Synopsis:  The Blacklist Episode 8 “General Ludd”- Liz (Megan Boone) uncovers an elaborate plot to destroy the country’s financial system when a new name on the Blacklist is revealed by Red (James Spader). Meanwhile Tom (Ryan Eggold) supports Liz when a family member falls ill. Diego Klattenhoff, Parminder Nagra and Harry Lennix also star. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/11/11/the-blacklist-nbc-episode-8-general-ludd/