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The Bridge Season 2 Review “Harvest of Souls”

“Listen, in public, power is best wielded with a gloved hand, not a clenched fist.” Since day one, the best thing  The Bridge  has always done is show how various people handle their power. In “Harvest of Souls” Sebastian Cerisola laid out pretty clear the two significant ways that can happen. The interesting part is now watching the clenched fist kind of power make its move into the public view. Abelardo was murdered by the Juarez police in broad daylight. Galvan’s revenge against the teenagers who stole from him had a personal calling card acknowledging that he had done the deed. Even Sonya has her own clenched fist to deal with now having shot the Juarez cop while searching Abelardo’s hotel room with Marco (who then killed the other cop and said he would handle it). Unfortunately, it looks like Marco will be facing a judge. Read More... //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Harvest of Souls'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Harvest of Souls," the August 13 episode of FX's "The Bridge," in which bullets fly and bodies drop on a pivotal installment.   Read More.... //

The Bridge Season 2 Review “Eye of the Deep”

One of the strongest aspects of  The Bridge  has been how it presents duality between its various characters: Sonya/Marco, Frye/Adriana, Marco/David Tate. Marco and Fausto Galvan are also two sides of the same coin especially in how they were presented during “Eye of the Deep.” Both had their sons take away from them too young. Yet Galvan murdered the killer of his child, first cutting the man’s eyelids and then his head (so he had to witness the act). If that wasn’t enough, Galvan also keeps the man’s head in a jar. Given the chance by the drug lord to murder David Tate, Marco can’t bring himself to do it (though he does stick his thumb in Tate’s empty eye socket, ouch). Letting Tate live is the harsher thing to do in my mind, yet Marco’s act (lack thereof) still leaves him clean of outright murder. And that makes him better than Galvan. Read More... //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Eye of the Deep'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Eye of the Deep," the August 6 episode of FX's "The Bridge," in which Marco seeks revenge against David Tate.   Read More... //

The Bridge Season 2 Review “The Acorn”

“You always have a way of avoiding choosing sides.” Abelardo to Marco “The Acorn” gave us a nice break by being the first non-Eleanor centric episode of the season. This is nothing against Franka Potente’s bat-shit ex-Mennonite, but  The Bridge  is strong enough to stand on its feet sans a crazy killer. People like Eleanor and David Tate may come and go, but those like Fausto Galvan or the corrupt police in Juarez seem to stay much longer wrecking havoc. What’s more is that Eleanor looks to be at the disposal of Galvan, and Tate was affected by him as well (having lost his wife and son in a car wreck that was caused by a guy who was high on drugs supplied by Galvan; and then the Juarez police letting said man off the hook). With less time devoted to Eleanor, the various plots began to merge together. Rayburn National Bank is on everyone’s radar now since poor Benjamin DeLarge (John Billingsley from  Star Trek: Enterprise ) committed suicide. It seems that Galvan still has the edge there followed by Frye and Adriana, and then Sonya, Marco, and the El Paso police. Sonya’s digging also brought out a connection between the bank and surprise, Cerisola’s (the man who was hanging out with Galvan when Marco was summoned to him), business. Monte has Charlotte and Ray on a task to make up for Galvan’s lost heroin (which last week I thought was cocaine). Linder and Bob are still interrogating the cop involved with Eva’s kidnap and rape- which looks to be at the forefront of next week’s episode based on the previews. On the same matter, Abelardo wants Marco and Eva to bring evidence against Captain Robles and Galvan. And Eleanor finally made it back to the drug lord where we discovered he is holding someone of importance to her. Read More... //

The Bridge Review: Butterflies

Eleanor Nacht and the search for her has been the most interesting aspect of  The Bridge  Season 2 .  Sonya and the Americans are looking for Eleanor in order to use her against Fausto, while the cartel leader has convinced Marco to find her to help him. Given their past connection, neither Sonya nor Hank have any reason to doubt Marco's loyalty to them. Even though Marco has a secret assignment from Captain Robles on behalf of Fausto, he hasn't acted against the Americans ... yet. Eleanor continued to amaze during  The Bridge  Season 2 Episode 3 . A simple trip to a thrift store provide more insight into her crazy character than should have been possible. She's freaky, yet oddly charismatic. Whether she was convincing the saleswoman to let her go into the dressing room without assistance or hiring a day worker, she's rigid and charming at the same time. Read more:  //  

The Bridge Review: Reunited

Sonya and Marco are back together again! While they have grown to work well together, it will be more difficult this time since Marco has a hidden agenda. Will Sonya be able to help turn Marco around and return him to the righteous officer he once was? There was a lot happening on  The Bridge  Season 2 Episode 2 , but it was never too much. Sonya and Marco both continued to deal with their personal tragedies, though it affected their work life in different ways. Marco stood up for himself and gave a fellow officer a beat down to prove a point. Marco's life blew up, but he knew he did the right thing at work. Sonya is Sonya. While Hank is concerned about her sexual encounter with Jack Dobbs, she's already over it. She may be fixated on her sister's killer, but that hasn't transferred to his brother. The biggest moment regarding this was when Jack mentioned that Hank knew what really happened in the hotel room. Is there more to Lisa's murder? Intrigue!   Read more:  //

The Bridge Season 2 Review “Sorrowsworn”

Let my start by saying that watching three episodes of  The Bridge  in one day is depressing. And Season 2 is definitely going to the weird at a much quicker pace than Season 1. We’re not even four weeks in and the show has already given us a guy getting his ear cut off, a taxidermy person, a taxidermy dog, a woman killing a teen boy, and a horse being shot so cocaine can be taken out of its ass. As depressing as everything is though, it still makes for riveting television. That being said, the strengths are still the same along with the weaknesses. Read More... //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Sorrowsworm'

Hitfix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Sorrowsworm," the July 23 episode of FX's "The Bridge," in which the show gets back to weirdness with the return of Steven Linder and other oddities.   Read  More.... //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Ghost of a Flea'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Ghost of a Flea," the July 16 episode of FX's "The Bridge," which is a big game of Where's Eleanor?, as everyone hunts for the season's new villain.   Read More... //