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The Bridge Review: Finger, Hand, Ear?

The happenings of  The Bridge  Season 1  left Marco, Sonya and Daniel damaged; each in their own way.  The Bridge  Season 2 Episode 1  picked up the threads of Eva's kidnapping and and recovery, Daniela's disappearance, the death of Sonya's sister and Fausto's money. This broader range of storylines could have led to a disjointed episode, but instead they complemented each other well. Read More... //

Season premiere review: 'The Bridge' - 'Yankee'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Yankee," the second season premiere of FX's "The Bridge," in which Sonya makes a new friend, Marco catches fire, and Eleanor Nacht announces her presence.   Read More... //

The Bridge Season 2 Premiere Review: The Bridge to Nowhere

One hour in, the problems of Season 1 are still present in Season 2. Is this show going to get any better?   Read More... //

'The Bridge': TV Review

The second season of the FX drama might be too ambitious for its own good, but the ride is still pretty thrilling along the way.     Read More... //

The Bridge Season 2 Premiere Review “The Yankee”

When  The Bridge  debuted last summer, FX appeared to have a culty hit on its hands. Adapted from a Scandinavian crime show  Bron ,  The Bridge  burst onto the scene with a fantastic sense of place, interesting characters, and a healthy respect for the tapestry in which these things existed. The impetus for the collaboration of Marco Ruiz and Sonya Cross was a gruesome murder on the bridge between Juarez and El Paso, but it was everything surrounding the murder that made  The Bridge  a potentially special show. Very quickly, the central mystery of the show became the least interesting part about it. It was tolerable, if only because it was what led us into this crazy world. Read More... //

Review: FX's 'The Bridge' finds more consistency in season 2

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews season 2 of "The Bridge," the FX drama starring Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir as cops from El Paso and Juarez who team up to investigate crimes that take place along that part of the US/Mexico border.   Read More... //


With its inaugural season complete, The Bridge now finds itself in pretty much the same place it started: as a show with a tremendous amount of unfulfilled potential. The setting can still provide plenty of rich stories and the cast is top-notch while the writing has been wildly uneven and, as with all shows, everything – good and bad – flows from the writing. But when it’s on, as it usually is during its quieter character scenes, it’s dead-on. Luckily, with a second season on the way, they’ll have another chance to try making all of these elements gel. Read More... //

Season finale review: 'The Bridge' - 'The Crazy Place'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "The Crazy Place," the first season finale of FX's "The Bridge," which mainly functions as a prologue for the cop drama's eventual second season.  Read More... //

The Bridge Season 1 Finale Review: A Bridge Too Far

FX's Tex-Mex police drama finished its first season quietly and uneventfully, leaving us with nothing to talk about.  Read More... //

The Bridge Review: "The Crazy Place"

With David Tate in custody, Sonya shifted her focus to finding Eva and the missing girls of Juarez in " The Crazy Place ." The season finale felt less like a conclusion to the first season and more like a transitional hour to set up the mysteries for season 2. While several stories were disconnected from the main case involving David Tate during the initial season, those threads now have strengthened with raised stakes going forward.  Read More... //