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The Bridge Season 1 Finale Review “The Crazy Place”

Finales are all about closure. We have some long-term story arcs that need to be resolved, and there is usually some sort of cliffhanger involved when you have a confident drama. Instead of searching my tidiness and clarity in tonight’s season finale,  The Bridge  went the opposite direction and made things so much messier. The show is confident in its new direction, so much so that it makes you believe this is the show Meredith Stiehm and company wanted to make all along. Now that they are done serving their Danish masters, they are free to take things in places most people really wanted to go in the first place. After watching the show fold in on itself as the David Tate storyline came to a conclusion (Sort of. Don’t do it Marco!), it was really cool to see the show sprawl back out in an attempt to set up several intertwined storylines for season two. It’s obvious that the missing girls of Juarez will become a central piece of the puzzle, but I’m ultimately okay with it. As long as the show doesn’t wallow in the political issues surrounding the issue, then the show should be able to manage it just fine. “This has many layers”, says Marco hitting the nail perfectly on the head. While it may have seemed too on the nose, the fact that the show wants to delve into each of the layers is pretty encouraging. No more supervillians, no more high-powered cell phones, just our fascinating cast of characters exploring this fascinating world. Read More... //

The Bridge Recap: The Work Is Never Done

While much of The Bridge’s first season focused on the actions of a serial killer we now know the identity of, this series has always cast a narrative net that extends beyond one twisted man’s murderous actions. In this week’s episode — the penultimate of the season and the successor to last week’s hour, which pretty much wrapped up all that Bridge Butcher business — we began to see just how far that net might reach.   Read More.... //

The Bridge Review: Back to the Beginning

With David Tate behind bars and Gus dead, the partnership between Sonya and Marco was over.  Marco grieved by drinking too much, sleeping in Gus' bed and pushing Sonya away. He had nothing left and no one to support him since Alma left with the girls. What brought him back to life? It was " All About Eva ." Read More.... //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'All About Eva'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "All About Eva," the September 25 episode of FX's "The Bridge," and says that with the Tate story wrapped, the series gets back to its strengths. Read More.... //

The Bridge "All About Eva" Review: Back to Work

Is the show killing time at this point, or just finally getting to the basics it skipped at the beginning? Read More.... //

The Bridge Season 1 Review “All About Eva”

Now this is the show I always wanted to watch. After touting the prospects of  The Bridge  for the better part of the season, watching David Tate hijack the previous few episodes caused me to face my worst fears for the show. The show did everything it could to make the chase compelling, but in a show with such a deep bench, relying on a know-it-all killer with the greatest iPhone on the planet seemed short-sighted. Now that they’ve freed themselves from the shackles of the Tate storyline,  The Bridge  came prepared tonight to be the show it promised to be earlier in the season: deep, rich, weird, and always interesting. Gone was hand-wringing and the man with all of life’s cheat codes. Back in were the people and places who struggle to make it past life’s earliest levels. The show was truly staring into the abyss following last week’s episode. Not only did it walk it back tonight, it did in a way that genuinely excited me for a prospective season two.* Read More... //

'The Bridge' 1.11: Put to the Test

Another best episode of the season of The Bridge this week - 1.11 - which means The Bridge keeps getting better and better, and is now impressive indeed. Marco is put in a horrible situation: to s... //

The Bridge Season 1 Review “Take the Ride, Pay the Toll”

Meredith Stiehm, creator of  The Bridge , is herself responsible for some of the best written episodes in the two year run of  Homeland . With episodes like “The Weekend”, “New Car Smell”, and “The Vest”, Stiehm established herself as a writer capable of delicately playing with looming feelings of dread while extracting emotional responses from the audience. “The Weekend” is itself a masterclass in television writing. The emotion is present in front of you for the entire hour, but the looming sense of dread can also be felt. It certainly helps to have to reigning Emmy winners delivering the majority of your dialogue, but Stiehm certainly deserves her fair share of credit as well. Read More... //

The Bridge Recap: The Toll

  By the standards of The Bridge , a show that regularly juggles multiple story lines, crimes, and border crossings, the latest episode was notable for its narrative focus. The writers zeroed in on a single story line and technically, only a few things happened. But those things were major.   A crazy man, David Tate, strapped on a bomb and threatened to blow up a bridge. Sonya Cross prevented Marco Ruiz from shooting that crazy man. And Gustavo Ruiz, Marco Ruiz’s only son, died far too soon, in a most heartbreaking, haunting fashion.  Read More... //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Take the Ride, Pay the Toll'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Take the Ride, Pay the Toll," the September 18 episode of FX's "The Bridge," in which Tate's plan reaches its endgame in the same spot where Sonya and Marco first encountered each other.  Read More... //