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The Bridge "Take the Ride, Pay the Toll" Review: The End of a Nightmare

This week, David Tate wasn't done telling us that his wife and son are still dead, or insisting that Marco feel bad about it.  Read More... //

The Bridge Review: Learning to Lie

David Tate's meticulously orchestrated plan finally came to its climax in " Take the Ride, Pay the Toll " with devastating results. He spent years after his wife and son's death planning his revenge against those that he held responsible. With a plan in place, the police were no match for him. He succeeded in tormenting Marco in the worst possible way.  Read More... //

The Bridge Season 1 Review “Old Friends”

One of the biggest strengths of  The Bridge  in season one has been its relentless forward motion. Sure, it’s quietly meditated on a number of different ideas, but the show has steadily progressed for the first nine episodes. We’ve learned more and more about all of our characters. Their various ticks, strengths, and weaknesses have been slowly unspooled just as everything in the life of Marco Ruiz has been torn asunder. There was always a sense that special things were coming. It probably wasn’t going to happen this season, but there was enough interesting things in place that it wasn’t hard to imagine a version free from the shackles of a season-long murder mystery. For so long, those that have watched and reviewed the show (including this guy) have been far more interested in the rich fringes of  The Bridge  instead of the murder mystery that was the show’s through line. When the episode began, it seemed logical the episode would end with David Tate in custody, and the Ruiz family at least alive. At that point, it would be up to the remaining three episodes to pick up the pieces and set up next season. Read More,,, //

'The Bridge' Season 1 Episode 10: Charlotte's Evolution

Marco's search for Gus dominates The Bridge 1.10, with a strong assist from Sonya, wounded in the car smash, but still thinking clearly and even able to move pretty good. With Tate/Hastings being ... //

The Bridge "Old Friends" Review: David Tate's Wheel O' Torture

David Tate is a serial killer who appreciates the art of showmanship.  Read More... //

The Bridge Review: It's Not a Game

There wasn't much new information revealed in " Old Friends ," but several leads and connections were confirmed. The hunt for David Tate was in full force after Gus' abduction with Sonya forgoing surgery to help Marco track down his son. They are on the killer's trail, but Tate has proved to be formidable. He's planned his revenge in meticulous detail with them finding only the clues he's purposefully left behind.  Read More...   //

Review: 'The Bridge' - 'Old Friends'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Old Friends," the September 11 episode of FX's "The Bridge," in which Frye goes to a meeting, Sonya takes some pills and Tate's plan continues.  Read More... //

The Bridge Recap: This Is Not a Game

“I am a man, a father. This is not a game!”   An emotional Marco Ruiz shouted those words in this week’s exceptional episode of The Bridge as he rifled through newly packed dirt, fearing that his only son, Gus, was buried beneath it. Within the context of the story, he was simply responding to Sonya Cross, who insisted that no body would be found in that seemingly fresh grave because manipulative serial killer David Tate — the same egocentric sicko who kidnapped Gus — was “just playing” with Marco. But Marco’s choked-out exclamation also serves as a pretty apt summary of where The Bridge has finally placed us emotionally.  Read More... //

'The Bridge' Review: 1.9: Trade-Off

The Bridge has really moved into high gear with its game-changing episode last week, and delivered the best episode of of the season so far with 1.9 last night. Tate is a top-notch bad guy - meani... //


The Bridge began with a great hook: an El Paso judge who had just issued a controversial ruling is found dead across the border to Juarez. More than that, it’s only half her body and the other half belongs to one of countless Mexican murder victims. The killer had an agenda, using the burned-out reporter Frye to send messages to the authorities and send them running. But after revealing the scene of his mass killing of immigrants in the desert any political or social angle has been dropped entirely. Since then he’s been content to play games with the Feds and cops until finally homing in on Ruiz in particular. Now that his cards are supposedly all on the table, we’re left to wonder what all that fuss was about. Was it just a feint to distract from his true goal of destroying Ruiz? And if so, why on earth go to all that trouble? Was his endgame to simply kill Santi Jr. and kidnap Gus? Right now it certainly looks that way. Read More... //