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The Bridge (FX) Season 2 Episode 5 “Eye of the Deep”

The Bridge  Season 2 Episode 5 “Eye of the Deep” airs Wednesday August 6th, 2014 at 10pm on FX. Episode Synopsis:  The Bridge Season 2 Episode 5 “Eye of the Deep” – Sonya & Hank discover the depth of the crimes against Eva. Marco confronts an old nemesis. Frye receives a proposition from the DEA. Fausto gets his revenge. Read More.... //www.tvequals.com/2014/08/06/bridge-fx-season-2-episode-5-eye-deep/

The Bridge "Eye of the Deep" Postmortem: Were You Surprised by Marco's Decision?

The Bridge S02E05: "Eye of the Deep" Throughout the second season of FX's The Bridge , Marco Ruiz has been motivated by one thing: avenging his son's death. He finally got the chance to do so in Wednesday's episode, "Eye of the Deep"so did he take it? Thanks to some string-pulling by Fausto Galvan, who also knows what it's like to lose a son, Marco came face-to-face with Gus's killer, David Tate. The scenario Marco's been fantasizing about since the end of Season 1 became a reality when, with the help of a corrupt prison guard, Marco found himself standing over Tate, who was lying immobile in a hospital bed with a bandage over one eye (which was forcefully removed by another inmate earlier in the episode. Ick factor: 10).   Read More... //www.tv.com/shows/the-bridge/community/post/the-bridge-eye-of-the-deep-postmortem-were-you-surprised-by-marcos-decision-140736822116/?ftag=YHF764e441

The Bridge Postmortem: Demian Bichir on Marco's Big Decision

  [Warning: This story contains spoilers fromWednesday'sepisode of The Bridge . Read at your own risk!] Throughout Season 2 of FX's The Bridge , Marco Ruiz ( Demian Bichir ) has been...   //www.tvguide.com/News/Bridge-Postmortem-Demian-Bichir-1085319.aspx?rss=breakingnews