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The Cape: "Razer" Review

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…   And so   The Cape   comes to an end. And it goes out not with a bang but a whimper, much as how it started just about two months ago. But oh, what a long, boring two months it has been, and this final (aired -- more on that later) episode is at least consistent with the rest of the show in its stunning mediocrity and dreariness.   " Razer " begins with a drive-by machinegun attack on the mean streets of Palm City, where Vince's wife and kid just happen to be hanging around. It turns out Vince -- disturbing stalker that he is -- is also present during this incident, though he doesn't do anything to stop it. What kind of superhero is he, anyway?    Read More... //

'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 9 Recap

['The Cape' - 'Razer'] I come not here to bury 'The Cape,' though by all accounts what we saw tonight was the last episode of the series that will ever air. What started out as an unencumbered show that promised a relatively light and colorful approach to the superhero genre ended with an episode that featured gang violence, torture, and at least two characters with significant mental instability. 'Razer,' like so much of the show, wasn't Must See TV so much as Must Take Aspirin TV. That's a cheap joke, but it's as instructive to look at where shows go wrong as where they go right. It's fitting that this show featured the least amount of Tripp Faraday to date, since the show's initial reason for being (a father giving hope to a son) was lost in a series of Characters in Search of a Rogue's Gallery. One-name villains like Chess, Scales, Dice and Razer dotted the landscape. But so did a carnival, a carnival with a shady leader who had a plan of his own. There was also an attempt to look at the first police state in America, and a vigilante blogger threatening to expose everything, and ... yea, my head hurts too. //

The Cape: "The Lich, Part 2" Review

"An insane asylum? Filled with zombies? I don't even know what to say to that."   You took the words right out of all our mouths, Rollo. But even more amazing -- we only get like   two   zombies in the whole asylum during this episode. What a rip!   Of course, the second installment of two-part cliffhangers is often a disappointment -- "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2," anyone? But with   The Cape , how much could we have really expected from the conclusion of "The Lich"?    Read More... //

'The Cape': What Lies Behind The Door?

At this point I'd usually list down the noteworthy moments from this week's The Cape , but after all those hallucinations there are just too many questions to ask. And it comes at an unfortunate point in the show's difficult season -- when it's all but certain that there won't be a second season, all these questions are dumped on us. Still, doesn't stop us from asking, though. Last night's episode landed us deep inside Orwell's thoughts, revealing a lot about her -- and by "reveal" I mean "give us more questions than answers." Still, better that than nothing. Since The Lich's neurotoxin trap one in her own thoughts, to borrow Ruvi's words, we can be pretty certain that what we saw last night is fact. Now, if we can only dig through those. Read More... //

'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 8 Recap

At this point, 'The Cape' has gone so far over the top that its weird storytelling almost works. Emphasis on "almost," but since the show's previous superpower was "boring the audience into submission," I'll take the freakiness of this new brand of show. 'The Lich, Part 2' had all of the ambiance of the first part last week, and if it didn't quite have the propulsive forward movement of that initial half, it introduced some mysteries that I actually want solved. Read More... //

The Cape: "The Lich, Part 1" Review

Zombies invaded Palm City in this week's episode of   The Cape , which when you think of it isn't such a big deal since   The Cape itself has been a member of the walking dead almost since its first episode aired. We all know it is no longer alive; NBC just hasn't put a bullet in its head yet.   As for the other zombies, well… they're not Dawn of the Dead type ghouls as much as the voodoo variety, only they seem to have much better hygiene than the typical White Zombie shambler. They're "zombified" after being exposed to a cocktail of drugs which cause simulated death, followed by a tendency to claw their way out of their coffin and go into a feverish state and/or become a worker drone for the episode's Big Bad.   So how does this affect Vince Faraday and his cape? Well, it seems that Rollo, the little person/strongman from the Carnival of Crime, "used to date" one of these newly zombified folks, a girl named Janet. This means, one supposes, that the Carnival of Crime contingent lead normal lives beyond their carnival and crime activities. Good for them! And yet, how unconvincing and awkward a set-up for this episode!    Read More... //

'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 7 Recap

OK, now that's more like it. 'The Cape' hasn't exactly been Emmy-caliber in its early goings, but 'The Lich, Part 1' was the strongest episode to date. I realize the bar for this show hasn't exactly been set terribly high, but in terms of overall mood, it was at times as hypnotic as the psychotropic drug at the heart of this initial hour of a planned two-parter. The show has always worn its influences on its sleeve, but tonight, it basically wore them as a three-piece suit. Throw in a little 'Batman Begins,' some 'Lord of the Rings,' and then a dash of 'The Usual Suspects,' and you had this hour. A toxin that can turn citizen's minds to pudding? Check. A man having an argument with himself including the line, "Go away"? Check. A crippled man revealing himself to be both healthy and the Big Bad? Put a check in that box as well. But here's the thing: If you're gonna steal, steal from the best. And since I like all of those movies, I ended up liking an episode of 'The Cape' that poured all three into a blender and gave me a superhero smoothie. //

The Cape: "Goggles and Hicks" Review

You know, you get to a point when you're watching a series like The Cape   where it begins to feel redundant to continuously point out all the inconsistencies and illogic, and you just decide to embrace the general badness of the show. I have now reached that point. So let's just look at the good side of things for a change with the episode " Goggles and Hicks ."   This week's segment starts with some poor sod stuck in Afghanistan and being hunted by an unseen force. Well, unseen for him. We very quickly learn that it's actually   Pruitt Taylor Vince and his creepy looking character-actor pal   Chad Lindberg   who are on his trail. They, like the title of the episode, are called Goggles and Hicks, and they're assassins. Goggles does all the high-tech computer stuff from his van (which has a Xena-esque warrior chick airbrushed on the side) while Hicks does the actual killing, as when he takes out the sucker in Afghanistan with a single bullet from hundreds of yards away. The mark doesn't even know what hit him, and show pauses for his final, reflective moments as he stares at the sunlight that's glowing through the hole the bullet just made in the stone in front of him. Kind of cool.    Read More... //

'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 6 Recap

What is there to say about 'The Cape' at this point? It started off with promise, but has quickly settled into something around which a drinking game, not a viewing experience, should be built. That's a touch ironic, since the ostensible target demographic for what this show's pumping out right now is almost a decade away from the legal drinking age. Simon & Garfunkel once famously asked, "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" The titular villains of tonight's episode, 'Goggles and Hicks,' ask a less seminal question: "Where have you gone, Hong Kong Phooey?" Read More... //

'The Cape': The Best Moments and Quotes from 'Goggles and Hicks'

As always, this week's episode of The Cape  has supplied a bunch of quotable quotes. We have something political, something logical and something that's just plain creepy. But another thing we should point out: This week is the week when two of the show's most (seemingly) uptight characters get broken down a bit. The same way, this roundup gets an upgrade: Cue the best moments -- and quotes! -- of this week's The Cape , "Goggles and Hicks." //