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The Carrie Diaries 2x01 "Wine Some, Lose Some" Episode Photos: Lindsey Gort as Samantha Jones!

Fans of The CW's hit Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, have been anxiously awaiting the debut of Samantha Jones ever since the casting news was announced earlier this year. Check out the first official episode snaps, featuring Lindsey Gort in the fan-favorite role! Lindsey Gort makes her Carrie Diaries debut in the season 2 premiere. Celebified's got your first look at the photos, including an 80s-tastic Samantha Jones, from the 2nd season's debut episode. In "Wine Some, Lose Some," the future BFFs take on New York City together for the first time, but it looks like Samantha is already getting herself into some trouble. Don't miss the season 2 premiere on Friday, October 25th, and stick with us at Celebified for more TV scoop.

'The Carrie Diaries' Carrie Bradshaw's teen style: 'She has her own thing going on'

The right stylist can make most people look good, but a select few, such as Carrie Bradshaw, are born fabulous.Before she slipped into a tutu that she knew would work as day wear -- if you know how to work it -- she was a teenager with an innate sense of style. Carrie always had panache, as evidenced in The CW's "The Carrie Diaries," airing Mondays."The overall theme is she is in the '80s and coming of age," Eric Daman, the show's costume designer, tells Zap2it. "It wasn't all about Manolos. It was about finding the balance between Connecticut Carrie and growing and learning about fashion as she gets closer and closer to New York."After her mom died, Carrie sought closeness to her through her clothes."Her mom's closet is like a Pandora's box, a Narnia of fashion," Daman says. "She mixes it up and may be a little eccentric. She has a point of view... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/04/the-carrie-diaries-carrie-bradshaws-teen-style-she-has-her-own-thing-going-on.html

'The Carrie Diaries' preview: 5 things to know about 'A First Time for Everything'

Perfection isn't going to happen. That's a major lesson to take away from the "A First Time for Everything" episode of "The Carrie Diaries." Also, relationships are complicated and things are always going in directions you weren't expecting.The main plot of "A First Time for Everything" follows Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and Sebastian (Austin Butler) into Manhattan for Madonna's "The Virgin Tour" launch party. It's supposed to be the perfect night, but... See the first sentence of this article. Meanwhile, Mouse (Ellen Wong) tries to avoid West (RJ Brown) and their attraction, and Dorrit (Stefania Owen) tries to figure out her own love life.That's the general story, but how about specifics? Having watched the episode, these are 5 things you will definitely learn from the next episode of "The Carrie Diaries."1. Mouse is very earnest about Aid for Africa and the accompanying "We Are the World" song. Kids, you should know that this was, back... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/03/the-carrie-diaries-preview-5-things-to-know-about-a-first-time-for-everything.html

The Carrie Diaries Episode 12 “First Time For Everything”

The new CW series The Carrie Diaries Episode 12 "First Time For Everything" airs Monday April 1 2013 at 8pm on The CW. Episode Synopsis: When Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) inadvertently complicates things with Sebastian (Austin Butler), she tries to fix it by taking him to Madonna’s "The Virgin Tour" launch party – but in her quest for the perfect night, only makes things worse. READ MORE...

The Carrie Diaries 1.13 Spoilers: An End and a (Potentially) New Beginning

This season on The Carrie Diaries, Carrie has underwent a series of major life changes that have turned her from shy, sheltered suburban teenager to a girl who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. Once she got a taste of the Manhattan life through her internship at Interview, her heart was there to stay and it became a matter of when she would move there vs. if she would be able to move there. With a new boyfriend, a loving group of friends, and a home life that has noticeably calmed down recently, Castlebury still has quite a few things going for it, but her goal is now to integrate those pieces of her life into her new Manhattan life rather than the other way around. But will she have to find that balance sooner than she expected? READ MORE...

The Carrie Diaries 1.12 Spoilers: Dorrit Seeks Advice from an Unlikely Source

On top of grieving for her mother, balancing life in the city with life in the suburbs, and figuring out all things in the matter of love, Carrie Bradshaw has to worry about her little sister, who has withdrawn over the past few months. If she and Tom aren't careful over the next little while in Dorrit's development, she could very easily take a wrong turn that she can't come back from, so the two have been extra stringent in how they handle her and the boundaries that are set. It's a lot for a sheltered 16-year-old to take in and sort out, as there's very little time left in her day to just take a breathe and relax, let alone deal with the flurry of conflicting emotions that come with being a teenager. But coming up on The Carrie Diaries, it looks like Carrie might have gotten rid of one worry about her sister only to have another pop up to take its place. READ MORE...