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'The Chair' producer Chris Moore on Shane, Anna and the finale

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall interviews "The Chair" producer Chris Moore about whether Shane Dawson or Anna Martemucci won the Starz reality show/filmmaking competition.   Read More... //

Exclusive ‘The Chair’ Episode 8 Clip: The Final Day Of Shooting Gets Emotional For Anna And Shane

First time directors Anna and Shane reach the end of shooting on this Saturday, October 25th (10PM ET/PT) episode of Starz’ followup to  Project Greenlight ,  The Chair . In this exclusive clip from episode eight, Anna and Shane get emotional as they discuss going into their final day of directing. Shane is so moved by the process that he is sporting a new hairstyle to represent the new path his career is taking. The clip reveals the day gets off to a bittersweet start for both directors as they wonder what the future holds.   Read More... //

The Chairs (Starz) Episode 5 Sneak Peek: The Difficulty of Directing

Starz’s original series  The Chair  continues to captivate me week over week. The series documents the behind-the-scenes of two first time directors as they go about shooting their first film based on the same script. And if like me you can’t wait for this week’s episode, “Picture’s Up,” TV Equals has a sneak peek for you below featuring executive producer Chris Moore talking about the difficulty of directing a feature film. This week’s episode is also the first day on set for both movies, so it’s bound to be an exciting one. Read More... //

Zachary Quinto on His New Reality Show The Chair and Becoming Buddies with Lena Dunham

  This past Saturday, Starz premiered The Chair , a new series from Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore . The ten-episode competitiontakes the formula that helped make the 20012005 show a reality hit [having Ben Affleck and Matt Damon involved also helped, of course] andadds in a great twist: Two aspiring directors go head-to-head making their first films from the same script. And the directors couldnt be more different. Hes a YouTube star ; shes a screenwriter who has come up through the indie film trenches. Serving as producer and mentor is actor Zachary Quinto, whose production company produced the Oscar-nominated Robert Redford film All Is Lost. We caught up with Quinto earlier this summer during the Television Critics Association press tour to talk about his new show and getting to hang with the cool kids on HBOs Girls . (Unfortunately, this chat took place before Lena Dunham hinted he * might * be getting naked on the show.)  Read More... //

'The Chair' Preview: One Script, Two Directors, Two Very Different Films

Have you ever wondered how a movie would have turned out if it had a different director? Starz's new documentary reality show, The Chair , answers that question through a contest worth $250,000. Instead of using well-known or established directors, the series follows two first-time directors as they bring to the same script to life for the big screen.   The Chair was created by Chris Moore who previously produced another film contest series, Project Greenlight , for HBO. He selected two directors with almost as opposite of experience as possible for this project, Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci.   Read More... //

Starz Presents ‘Survivor’s Remorse’, ‘The Chair’ and ‘The Missing’ [TCA 2014]

Last month, Starz took the stage at the Television Critics Association Summer 2014 Press Tour to present a couple of its new Fall series,  Survivor’s Remorse  and  The Chair . But before delving into the series, we got a chance to get a first look at a new limited series coming this Fall,  The Missing , which follows a couple who’s son disappears and the case being reopened 8 years later. The series stars James Nesbitt and Frances O’Connor and looks like a powerful drama about loss and the quest for the truth. Read More... //

The Chair (Starz) Interviews: Anna Martemucci, Shane Dawson and Chris Moore [Comic-Con 2014]

Starz’s new docu-series  The Chair , follows two first-time filmmakers, Anna Martemucci and Shane Dawson, as they both direct their first feature film based on the same screenplay. Along the way they receive guidance from different industry mentor, including series creator Chris Moore.  Read More... //