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Chelsea Handler Drinks, Smokes and Tries Polygamy in New Netflix Show Trailer (Video)

Chelsea Handler is back on Wednesday with her new self-named Netflix series, which will run three days a week.Though she has a pretty sweet in-studio desk, the meat of the show mostly takes place on-location within her travels. A new trailer that dropped Monday showcases some of its best stuff watch the video above. Heres how the streaming service describes the teaser:In just 90 seconds, you see Chelsea boldly carrying a Donald Trump piata through Mexico City, receiving some hard news from a polygamist that shes not exactly fourth-wife material, and training with no-nonsense Russian athletes, including Maria Sharapova.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/chelsea-handler-drinks-smokes-and-tries-polygamy-in-new-netflix-show-trailer-video/