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'The Chew' debuts - but will it give viewers indigestion?

 Today marked the big debut of "The Chew," the food-oriented chat show that ABC felt a worthy substitute for "All My Children." Whether viewers will feel the same, well, it's too soon to tell. But the studio audience? BIG fans. You have never heard such an EXCITED STUDIO AUDIENCE since, well, probably "Let's Make A Deal" or some show that gives out free cars. Yes, audience members will be getting free food, but I'm wondering if someone was tossing twenties into the stands to keep the excitement level up. It's pretty clear that the more sedate, homey feel of most Food Network shows (with the exception of equally screamy Emeril's programs) is being eschewed in favor of big excitement! Over things like psyllium husks! And apple rings! OH MY GOD, they're making APPLE RINGS! While I understand the need to amp up a network show that's solely focused on food, all the screaming is putting my teeth on edge -- and I'm only five minutes in.  Michael Symon, Clinton Kelly, Mario Batali, Carla Hall and Daphne Oz are our hosts, which we are informed of repeatedly and at great length during the beginning of the show. We soon see all but one of our very eager, chatty food gurus seated in the on-set kitchen. Unfortunately, Mario couldn't be bothered to show up. He was playing golf for charity. We will, however, see him cooking on a golf course later in the show. I'm not kidding. On a golf course. I'm wondering if Mario is already looking for ways to distance himself from "The Chew," as if he sees a very flat souffle in the offing. Read More... //