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The Cho Show Review, by Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe

As on most vanity projects, the overall theme is: She is who she is, her people are who they are, watch them live in LA. The added subplot on "The Cho Show" is the subplot of Cho's career - her big gay following. As Cho says tonight about her Glam Squad of gay stylists, "Every dog has his day, every diva needs her gay." At one point, two gay men in her entourage - wardrobe specialist Charlie Altuna and makeup artist John Stapleton - have a fierce competition over who'll get to outfit the star for the awards ceremony. "May the best queen win," Cho pronounces. Throughout the show, Cho doesn't mention her marriage, nor do we see her husband, as if he might compromise her gay-icon outsider status. I generally like watching Cho, who, like Sandra Bernhard and Kathy Griffin, has made an impressive career out of being a blabbermouth. These comedians are both a part of our celebrity culture and a thorn in its side - not an easy position to maintain, as they leave enemies in their wake. They ally themselves with the audience, embracing glamour and fame only in order to make fun of it and subvert it. Not far into the premiere, Cho is talking trash about Jack Black in an impolitic way that most stars avoid like the plague. To read the rest of this review, visit The Boston Globe .