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USA Network Picks Up Singing Series ‘The Choir’

The USA Network is getting into new territory. The network has picked up a new show entitled  The Choir , a singing series that is derived from the UK version of the same name as confirmed by  Deadline . The show will debut on USA’s line-up this coming February 2013 in a ten episode run that will be hosted by Gareth Malone who is also the host of the British version that airs on BBC America network. Read More... //  

A Very Special Reunion on 'The Choir' (VIDEO)

'The Choir' (Wed., 10PM ET on BBC America) is a series covering the lives of a group of young adults. The kids are invited to join a school choir -- despite never having had the chance or opportunity to sing before. On the current episode of the series, choir leader Gareth Malone reconnects with his students after a long absence, and gets to learn about how they are doing now. The kids seem to have been changed by their year-long experience in the singing group. "It was tough, hard, fun, sad," said one pupil. " ... If you just blow out different emotions that pop into your head -- probably every single one happened at some point, to someone in that choir." During the reunion special, the students sing 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon and Garfunkel. These are some of the lyrics: "When you're weary/ Feeling small/ When tears are in your eyes /I will dry them all." It's a good message, and a message of friendship -- and also words that are entirely appropriate, considering the theme of the show. Source & Video

THE CHOIR (BBC America) Series Premiere

Watch a sneak peek of the series premiere of BBC America’s THE CHOIR titled “Northholt High School” which airs on Wednesday July 7, 2010 at 10pm. Episode Synopsis: Choirmaster Gareth Malone is a man on a mission. He believes Britain's schools are bursting with untapped singing talent and he's determined to prove it - by starting a competitive choir from scratch in a school that's never had one before. But there's a twist. He wants to get them good enough to compete in the choir Olympics - The World Choir Games in China - by the end of the school year. Gareth's choice of school is Northolt High, an everyday school, and the auditions are an exhausting affair. From wannabe R&B divas to timid eleven-year-olds singing nursery rhymes, Gareth sees one hundred and sixty kids from which he needs thirty. There are some real gems, including fifteen year old Chelsea Campbell. But it soon becomes apparent behind the slick voice is a dubious school record. She's being transferred to another school because of behavior issues. For the lucky few there are ecstatic scenes when they are given the news they've made it through auditions. But then the real work begins. The group has just four weeks to produce singing good enough to qualify for China. Gareth battles poor attendance, lack of commitment and some terrible singing by the boys in his bid to realise his dream. Has he bitten off more than he can chew? Source & Preview