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The City Season Finale Review: "Lost in Translation" Season 2, Episode 12

Last night's season finale of The City was called "Lost in Translation." More accurately, it was lost in the shuffle, given the series finale of The Hills happening right beforehand. After the way The Hills ended, one has to wonder if The City finale was not a bit over-dramatized as well. Would Whitney Port really sell out Kelly in that fashion? Did she? Whitney tells Kelly that she has been approached by a PR woman, and even after Kelly thinks it might be a bit early to be doing press for her line, Whitney thinks about it. Meanwhile, Olivia arrives at Elle offices in Tokyo and impresses there. In New York, Joe is starting to lean towards Olivia over Louise ... we're sure MTV plays no role in that. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The City Season 2 Episode 12 "Season Finale" Review

[Image:[//]] Tonight's season finale had "Everything on the Line" literally. And what I mean by that is after a not so hot season, I was sincerely hoping that they would redeem themselves on this finale. The City is a sister show to The Hills yet it doesn't seem to come even close in caliber. I personally enjoyed season one a whole lot more. At least in season one there was more relationship drama which viewers tend to really enjoy and endulge in. The cat fights don't get old but I was hoping for more out of tonight's episode. Whitney decided to put her career on the line as she tries to pursue other career alternatives, and even gave the heads up to her high strung war path boss. While Erin Kaplan told her boss at Elle that it's gonna be her or Olivia Palermo. Olivia travels to Japan and I don't know what it is about this girl that we love to hate but the annoying meter was shooting through the roof. Her facial expression drives me crazy! Roxy made it clear tonight that she thinks Whitney is changing for the worse. Maybe a little New York Attitude is shining into the LA sunshine girl? But all in all nothing really to brag about tonight. Don't know if there will be a third season. News in the media, states that Stephanie Pratt might join The City . Guess the producers are thinking the show just made need some more help.

The City Season 2 Episode 12 "Season Finale" Preview

Tonight on The City it looks like a lot of decisions are going to have to be made and tension arises with Whitney and Roxy. Whitney decides to expand her career by taking a job interview but only after she tells her current boss. Olivia travels to Japan and also tries to broaden her career potential. You can check out the season finale promo video at the following linkL

The City Review: "Roommate Wanted" Season 2, Episode 11

Breaking up is never easy. Especially when it's with your best friend. Whitney Port and Roxy Olin have been on the outs ever since the former blamed the latter for ruining a recent fashion opportunity. Now the separation has commenced. That's essentially what happened last night on The City, when Roxy's father, actor Ken Olin of Thirtysomething and Brothers & Sisters fame, refused to lend her some money. After a huge backstage fight that Kelly Cutrone had to break up, Whitney was surprised to come home and see her old friend packed and ready to leave her apartment. New York rent is, like, really expensive. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'The City' recap: 'Stage Fight' Season 2, Episode 10

Joe tells Olivia that they're having a crisis. Erin's booked a segment on Martha Stewart about designers to watch but the show wants to feature five and they only have four. Joe asks Olivia to interview and research Prabul Gurung. He says it's important it goes well and they look professional. Olivia insists she knows what she is doing. Over at People's Revolution, Kelly is also having an emergency. Her friend Jian is currently launching an artist called Lights in the US but they've just been robbed and she needs three looks for her tour. She hopes some of the looks can be Whitney Eve and asks Roxy to oversee it. Whitney says they should go through the lookbook together, but Roxy says she should be confident she can do the job. Later at Prabul's showroom, Olivia suggests trying a blue pant look which Joe and Prabul both love. Prabul then pulls out a white dress that has never been on the red carpet. He says it takes a certain confidence to wear it and suggests Olivia could be that girl. Elsewhere, Roxy tries to get Lights interested in Whitney's clothes but the singer prefers a different designer. She eventually pulls a Whitney Eve jacket which Lights appears to like and agrees to wear on stage. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The City Review: "Stage Fright" Season 2, Episode 10

Last night on The City, Whitney Port received a fright courtesy of the stage, as the title implies, only she was not on it. Rather, Canadian musician Lights that delivered the horror. Roxy Olin was tasked with getting lights to don some Whitney Eve clothes on stage, but only succeeded in getting her into a jacket, which she dropped to the floor within seconds. This resulted in a huge fight between the co-workers and friends, who have been at odds for weeks as it is, with Whitney suggesting that Roxy just can't handle it professionally. A realization you just had, Whitney? We've been saying this for weeks! It's almost as if friends of yours cast on reality shows can't be trusted with serious fashion responsibilities. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The City Season 2 Episode 10 "Episode 210" Preview

Tonight on The City it looks like Whitney has a great opportunity to showcase her pieces at a concert with a top Canadian celebrity. But Olivia swoops in and Whitney's roomate doesn't do her job. Resulting in none of Whitney's pieces being shown. You can check out this sneak peek video at: . Will Whitney finally stand up to herself and get rid of her friend from the business?

The City Review: "One Girl's Trash" Season 2, Episode 9

Sometimes we struggle to care about The City, because unless you're interested in working in fashion, it can be a touch dull, but you have to give the show its due. Unlike The Hills, which features a lame crew of catty brats starting arguments about who knows what at clubs, The City girls are at least ostensibly career-focused. Whether those careers are in reality TV or fashion remains to be seen, but the interactions seem real and the professional struggles compelling, if a bit redundant. In Tuesday's episode, Olivia Palermo battled Erin Kaplan at Elle, again, while pulling together a photo shoot for singer Ke$ha (see The City recap here for more). To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The City Season 2 Episode 9 "Episode 209" Preview

Well tonight the fashion competition is on and just how will Whitney deal with the pressure of preparing for a fashion launch? Will Olivia be typical Olivia with the attitude and all? There is a great sneak peek video for this upcoming episode at: . And I couldn't imagine what it would be like to work with such power hungry driven and bitchy type women. Should be interesting how they all work out tonight on The City .

The City Review: "Work Horses and Show Ponies" Season 2, Episode 8

If last week's episode of The City was a reality check for our career girls, this week's marked a redemption of sorts ... even for the much-maligned Olivia Palermo. The City recap has all the details, but here's a brief review ... Astonishingly, Olivia was able to stomach doing some actual work and scored an interview with Zac Posen for Elle, which she boasted that she'd be able to do. Of course, she has set the bar so low that doing what she is paid to do - the definition of a job - has become an anomaly, something worthy of great praise. To say nothing of the fact that she already knew Zac Posen. Because Olivia Palermo is not a real career-climbing young woman, you see. She is a socialite. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now