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The City Review: "Queen of Diamonds" Season 2, Episode 4

Oft-maligned Elle editorial mainstay Erin Kaplan got the last laugh, and rightfully so, on last night's The City. Meanwhile, Whitney Port blurred the lines of business and pleasure. In "Queen of Diamonds," Olivia Palermo totally thought she was. Elle boss Joe Zee somehow considered her ability to pick out jewels for Fergie's cover shoot some amazing skill. It wasn't. Erin made the correct call when she said the cover image should not include any of the diamonds Olivia selected for the pop singer to wear. Joe finally agreed with her. Amazing that it's taken this long for Erin to win one of her weekly clashes with Olivia, and be praised for it no less. Olivia finally taking some lumps? What is this, like a real job? To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The City Season 2 Episode 4 "Episode 204" Preview

Well the season of The City has started off to a good start. Blowing the first season out of the water. And if it keeps up like this, it just may make it to the third season. You can check out the promo sneak peek video at: . And it looks like Whitney will be getting free photography work from a potential guy that wants more then just a thank you from her. And of course Olivia is put on the spot again. Friction at work just endless. I hope this episode turns out to be better then average.