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Review: The Cleveland Show - Love Rollercoaster Season 1, Episode 11

While Cleveland and the boys down at the bar were trying to come up with the next great invention, Roberta was learning a lesson in what it's like to not be gorgeous. And who better to teach her the lesson than Jane Lynch. With Glee on hiatus until sometime in 2147 -- at least it feels that long -- I'll take what Lynch I can get. And she was great here as a bitter teacher ... wait, that sounds familiar. I think she was woefully under-utilized, though, as the storyline involving her never really achieved any resolution. More specifically, it started as a storyline for Roberta, became a storyline for both Roberta and Cleveland, Jr. and yet it was really only Jr. who got a somewhat satisfying conclusion. Of course, I'm probably just bitter that Lynch didn't show up again. To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Cleveland Show: "Field of Streams" Review Episode 10

Feeling nostalgic, Cleveland tries to resurrect his old high school baseball team. After getting the funds to fix the field and bring back the team, he then turns his attention to turning his son into a baseball player. Unfortunately Cleveland Jr. would rather be part of the Math Club. As a premise, the story idea might seem a bit lame, but the execution is exceptionally well done, and this episode is surprisingly one of the strongest we've seen to date. The random gags are placed perfectly here and some pretty catchy lines are uttered, including the one about wetting one's thigh and pocket contents. Unlike other episodes that would rely on some terrible random musical as the first cutaway gag, here we're treated to a real gem, watching Cleveland and his partner beat up some random old women in purple wearing hats at the mall. It's completely absurd, but cleverly so, and not embarrassingly bad like some of the other gags we've seen. The old ladies in purple did set the tone for the rest of the episode though. To Read More Click here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Cleveland Show: "A Cleveland Brown Christmas" Review Episode 9

Cleveland's asked to dress up as Santa Claus at his company Christmas party. After getting a little drunk, he ends up inadvertently telling Rallo that his real father isn't actually an FBI agent, shattering the child's paternal admiration. To make things right, Cleveland tracks down Rallo's father and tries to get the father and son to share a Christmas moment. Meanwhile, Roberta decides to become an animal rights activist and frees a reindeer, which causes mayhem all around Stoolbend. Taking a classic family sitcom storyline and then turning it on its head seems to be the formula that's worked best for The Cleveland Show so far. This week's predicament of Cleveland trying to make things right with Rallo is a serviceable story concept, and serves as a decent backdrop for the myriad of zany events that unfold during the course of the episode. Cleveland getting drunk and ruining Rallo's heroic image of his father was simple enough. You knew that he felt bad afterwards, and would try to make things right. Of course Rallo's real father would decide to spend Christmas Eve at a strip club, and would need Cleveland to convince him that he should be there for his son. Rallo's been a bit inconsistent though. For a kid who's supposedly extremely intelligent, he tends to fall for whatever crazy story Roberta comes up with. It seems that the writers will turn up or turn down his street smarts as they see fit to help tell their stories. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Cleveland Show: "From Bed to Worse" Review Episode 8

Roberta reluctantly agrees to look after Cleveland Jr. on a school trip to Washington. Tim and Arianna try to rekindle their stagnating relationship when they accompany the school-kids on the trip to D.C. as chaperones. Meanwhile, Cleveland and Rallo are engaged in a battle of wits as the two vie for the role of "man of the house" and Donna's affections. Cleveland and Rallo are a good pairing. The two don't exactly see eye to eye, and their conflict leads to some pretty entertaining exchanges. It's definitely nowhere nearly as entertaining as watching Stewie and Brian together, but it's one of the few pairings on the show that seems to work somewhat consistently. It's interesting to see what lengths Rallo is willing to go to just to make sure he gets to sleep in his mother's bed. Add to this the fact that he's probably only doing this out of spite because Cleveland ate all the fish sticks and doesn't fast forward through the commercials for a show that's on the DVR. The exchange between Cleveland and Rallo on the merits of watching commercials instead of fast forwarding through them was one of their better exchanges. Also entertaining was to see Cleveland talk through the entire process in getting his name on the mortgage. The two men of the house do end up with a fairly reasonable compromise. Rallo gets the remote control and the fish sticks, and Cleveland gets to keep Rallo out of his bed. Cleveland does get the last laugh though, as he asks Rallo if the cost of breaking his own leg to get what he wanted was worth it. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Cleveland Show Episode 7: "A Brown Thanksgiving" - Review

In homage to some classic Thanksgiving-themed sitcom episodes, the Brown and Tubbs families get to share more than just a meal for this special day. Stealing the show is Donna's dear Auntie Momma, who seems to be hiding a lot more than just a flatulence problem. It took a while, but it seems that we finally have our first genuinely memorable episode of The Cleveland Show. Choosing to focus on Cleveland's family was a wise decision as the different members are finally starting to have a little chemistry. Little things like Cleveland Jr.'s reaction to Rallo spraying him with water and the conversation that followed about Amerindians illustrates how the writers are finally starting to feel a little more comfortable with these characters, and seem to be learning how to use them to tell jokes. Another great Rallo moment was when he tossed Cleveland's father a knife and Cleveland Jr. tossed his dad a spoon to use as a weapon. While the ensuing battle served as a perfect moment for the fantastic introduction of Auntie Momma, the real punch-line of this joke was when Rallo later "tried" to apologize to Cleveland. Auntie Momma was absolutely hilarious. Everything about her from the way she looked to that ridiculous voice to her charming life lessons, to her powerful and well-timed farts Auntie Momma's got to be the best character to be introduced on this show. Her big secret only made her that much more interesting, and the fact that she got it on with Cleveland's dad made her appearance all the more memorable. Not only did she has a grand entrance, but her flatulence-powered roller-skate exit was the kind of thing you don't see on television every day. Even Roberta's storyline with Federline was somewhat entertaining. The homeless superhero who stole his car was intriguing enough, and even the canned feel-good message about spending Thanksgiving with your family was done with enough quirkiness to make it work. Also, Federline's ridiculous rhymes and mannerisms were more charming than usual in this episode. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Cleveland Show Episode 6: "Ladies' Night" - Review

After spending some time with the less than interesting wives of Cleveland's friends, Donna decides to take control and see secretly hang out with her old single friends instead. Meanwhile, Rallo decides he needs to help his brother out when Cleveland Jr. runs for school president. Rallo's slowly starting to become more and more assertive, and as a result is turning out to be one of the few bright spots in this series. While he's not quite the evil genius that Stewie is, Rallo's got enough street smarts to get by in the real world. He's definitely the brightest kid in the house, and he decides that he doesn't want to end up having his reputation predetermined by his loser brother. This precedes a hilarious cutaway to one of the Wachowski brothers being asked about his vagina. Rallo's tactics are pretty funny. He goes from trying to ruining Cleveland Jr.'s opponent's reputation to going after the sympathy vote by making Cleveland Jr. pretend that he's blind. In the end though, it's Cleveland Jr.'s heroics that lead him to victory. I wonder if the writers will choose to follow up on any of this. It would be fascinating to see what Cleveland Jr. does as school president. The opening segment with Cleveland meeting up with his friends with the wives tagging along was made relatively funny by the presence of Holt's "date". Watching everyone react to what she was about to do when she heard the word "suck" provided one of the best laughs of the episode. It also made it very clear that Donna does not fit in at all with this bizarre group of women. Tim's wife is perhaps the most normal of the bunch, and she's a bear. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Cleveland Show Episode 5: "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb" - Review

Double standards when it comes to teen abstinence seems like a legitimate topic for social commentary; but to make it the central theme of a Seth MacFarlane television show seems like a recipe for trouble. There needs to be a fine balance between presenting some real social satire and combining it with some ridiculously wacky humor. The biggest problem with using this on The Cleveland Show is that Cleveland just isn't over-the-top enough to pull off the humor component. The whole push to celibacy started when Roberta was caught making out with Federline at a local minor league baseball game. Embarrassed and infuriated by his friends' remarks, Cleveland decides to try and force Roberta to stay a virgin and embrace teen abstinence. It's a dicey topic, and it's handled with about as much tact as you could possibly expect from this creative group. While attending a church sermon, the reverend calls out for teens to take a purity pledge and "hand over their virginity to their fathers." (There's a tasteless Family Guy joke just waiting to be told here.) To Cleveland's disappointment, Roberta doesn't budge, but instead, Cleveland Jr. decides to take the pledge. This is where the whole double standard bit rears its ugly head with everyone throwing in their two cents on why it's okay for a girl to be abstinent and not a guy, including this gem delivered by Cleveland where he claims that "boys don't get most of the bad diseases." To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Cleveland Show Season 1, Episode 4: "Birth of a Salesman" - Review

After taking some time getting acquainted with his new surroundings, Cleveland finally get a job at the cable company where Tim the Bear works. Tim gets jealous of Cleveland's telemarketing success and prays to Jesus that something bad happen to his mustached neighbor. Meanwhile, Rallo and Roberta take drastic measures against Cleveland Jr. and his chore-doing ways. One thing that sticks out after watching a few episodes of this new series is that Cleveland isn't all that funny on his own. Watching his cutaway musical at the beginning of the episode was especially painful considering that if you had put Peter Griffin in the same situation singing that same boring song- the scene would probably been somewhat funny. With Cleveland helming, it feels like there's something missing. That being said, the supporting cast really gets to shine here. Tim the Bear is fantastic here. His naiveté combined with his strong religious beliefs works extremely well and watching him cope with being jealous of Cleveland's success was actually pretty refreshing. His feeling of guilt over wishing that something bad happened to Cleveland was only supplanted by Cleveland's reaction where he accepts his apology "out of pity." The Bear is slowly becoming the most interesting character on the show. The introduction of Cleveland's high school buddy Terry Kimple should really help making Cleveland's life a little more interesting. It was nice to see Cleveland stick up for his buddy and take the fall for Terry's accident, and downright bizarre to see the duo offer Tim a whole steak if he showed them his penis. Their reaction to Tim exposing himself was priceless, with Cleveland making a hilarious E.T. reference. Recycling the joke at the end when Terry did the same to Cleveland was made funny by Terry's line about being owed a steak turned out pretty well. To Read More ` Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Fall Things Reconsidered: Sunday, Monday & Tuesday TV - Featured

The return of the fall TV season is always full of promise, much like every New Year's Eve! And, also like New Year's, we have great hopes for what's ahead, but often find many great and disappointing surprises along the way. So, now that we're fully into the fall season, here at SideReel we've found there are some new and returning shows we thought would be awesome but have turned into letdowns, and some shows we expected to be flops but have become surprising new favs! Here are my top shows from the beginning of the TV week, Sunday - Tuesday, that I've found to be surprisingly better than expected or surprisingly worse than expected this season. Check 'em out below and stay tuned later this week for RachelL 's best and worst surprises for the rest of the TV week! Better Than Expected: The Good Wife - As I mentioned in my CBS Fall Preview , I thought The Good Wife would be good, but not personally being a fan of legal dramas, I didn't expect anything special from it beyond some basic drama and great performances by the wonderful cast including Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth. Yet despite my inability to watch an entire episode of anything legal-related on TV except the late and great Eli Stone , this one not only has remained a priority on my DVR recordings, but has become a show I really look forward to every week! I haven't actually found Margulies' acting to be the strongest point, and Noth isn't even around that much being in jail and all, but the storylines of both the legal cases and Margulies's character Alicia's personal struggles with her husband's situation and her family's huge life shifts because of it have kept me glued to this newbie every week, much to my surprise! House - I've been a faithful House fanatic since the moment I watched an episode, but I can't deny that my faith in House's greatness was seriously wavering at the end of last season as we saw House go to a mental institution, and we got promos that he was actually going to spend some screen time in that institution. I was almost entirely convinced this season was going to be the fall of the mighty House as it tried and failed with this mental institution gimmick. I felt there was no way House being in there could be interesting, that it could be anything but entirely disjointed from the rest of the cast and plot, and there seemed no way for House to go back to the sarcastic genius the entire show had built its foundation upon. Yet, here we are, a number of episodes in, and House is by far the Monday show I look forward to the most! The shake-up has made House as a character and as a show even more fascinating, and I kick myself for doubting! Worse Than Expected: The Cleveland Show - Oh, Seth. Yes, three shows in I feel like Seth MacFarlane and I are friends enough for me to tell him that this Cleveland Show experiment was the worst. idea. ever. Or, actually, scratch that. The idea was not so bad. The execution? An abomination of all that was ever funny. I know that's harsh, but having become a huge Family Guy fan in the last few years and now having every episode committed to memory (because I haven't been too busy workin' on that novel...), and having stuck it through the first questionable season of American Dad! to find it finding its own hilarious footing in Season 2, well, I have to say I really expected The Cleveland Show to pull through, but now instead I have to say I know a MacFarlane disaster when I see one. Cleveland should have stayed on Spooner Street because I've totally lost track of him now as I can't make it past the first few minutes of the episodes these last few weeks. Trauma - I'm still keeping up with this one, but honestly just because it's filmed in San Francisco, my current home, and it's just plain fun to see the city in HD from a helicopter and play "name that neighborhood" as they run around rescuing people in various familiar parts of the city. I'm tolerant of the plot and I won't say the trauma drama isn't sometimes exciting, but overall, I'm not drawn in by the characters and there's not enough plot to speak of to keep enough viewers around. I slightly expected that to be the case, but am disappointed to find that to be the way it's playing out. So much for the latest and greatest ER replacement.

Needing to Step it Up

Unlike Seth MacFarlane's other works (Family Guy and American Dad) this show has not gone up to par yet. The season is like the others but there seems to be something missing that the other two shows have. It could be comedy because i rarely laugh at all while watching TCS (The Cleveland Show). It has its moments but overall it is falling through the cracks. I will continue to watch it along with the other two however if they don't step it up in time it could be the first thing Seth made that I don't like or want to see. We will see if I delete this from my schedule or not in the weeks to come. Here's Hoping.