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The Cleveland Show Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 8 - 'From Bed to Worse'

When Cleveland has "the talk" with Roberta, it scares Cleveland Jr. into taking a vow of chastity, but his sworn celibacy may not be all he had hoped for when he overhears Cleveland making fun of him. Meanwhile, Rollo shows an interest in attending church. Watch & Discuss: Watch The Cleveland Show: Season 1, Episode 8 - 'From Bed to Worse' Read The Cleveland Show's Review: Season 1, Episode 8 - 'From Bed to Worse'

The Cleveland Show Preview: "From Bed to Worse" - Episode 8

For the few of us who won't still be in a turkey-induced coma come Sunday night, Fox has a new episode of The Cleveland Show scheduled to premiere after The Simpsons. "From Bed to Worse" puts the spotlight on young Rallo, who hasn't quite warmed up to Cleveland as his father. When he sees that Cleveland and Donna are trying to spend a little quality time together, Rollo goes into action and tries to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Roberta and Cleveland Jr. attend a class trip in the nation's capital. You can catch "From Bed to Worse" when The Cleveland Show airs this Sunday, November 29th, at 8:30pm ET on Fox.