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The Cleveland Show Season 4 Review “A General Thanksgiving Episode”

In the latest  "Cleveland Show,"  we had a holiday theme of sorts, though it was mostly handled in an incidental way, making the title,  "A General Thanksgiving Episode"  more or less appropriate. In other words, the Thanksgiving element wasn’t made into a big deal, and mostly relegated to a scene in which the family ate dinner together. That said, it was still a decent episode, if not quite up to the standards of last week’s instant-classic  "Menace II Secret Society." We started with a typical holiday conundrum- getting a friend to the airport on time to catch an out-of-town flight. I did find it amusing that the gang, rather than facing the typical obstacles, encountered quite the opposite: a friendly, borderline psychotic helpfulness from everyone they encountered at the airport: "Do you swear you’re not a terrorist?" asked airport security, waving them in. "I swear to Allah!" said Cleveland, amusingly. (Later, Cleveland couldn’t resist his making a bomb threat as well, albeit in an entirely hyperbolic fashion.) Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/11/19/the-cleveland-show-season-4-review-a-general-thanksgiving-episode/