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The Closer “Armed Response” (Season 7 Episode 20)

The Closer  "Armed Response" (Season 7 Episode 20 ) airs Monday August 6 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis :  A young couple hanging out in someone else’s house find  themselves in hot water when a security guard and decorated veteran winds up dead in the street outside. But Brenda finds her investigation stifled by the watchful eye of the District Attorney’s office. Meanwhile, Raydor and Pope finally pinpoint the leak in the department. Read More... //  

The Closer “Last Rites” (Season 7 Episode 19)

The Closer  "Last Rites" (Season 7 Episode 19 ) airs Monday July 30 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis :  The murder of  a priest puts the squad on a collision  course with the Catholic Church and drives a wedge between Brenda and Chief Pope. Meanwhile, Brenda’s parents are in town while her father continues his cancer treatments. Read More.... //  

The Closer Exclusive: Corey Reynolds on Wrapping Up, Moving On

Who is The Closer 's mole? What lies ahead on this TNT drama's series finale? Why isn't Corey Reynolds headed to Major Crimes and what does his future hold outside of this franchise? I recently got off the phone with the actor and picked his brain for these answers and many more... //

'The Closer': Brenda Breaks Down Over Father's Cancer

Despite the fact that he hindered the investigation this week, Brenda found herself in need of help from Dr. Parr on " The Closer " (Mon., 9 p.m. ET on TNT). She had to separate herself from her job and the case and appeal to him as a daughter terrified about losing her father to cancer. "I’m not looking for a decent human being. I’m looking for a great doctor, and you’re it," she told him in tears. "I can’t lose my father." After her emotional breakdown, the doctor agreed to help. It remains to be seen if his brilliance in the field can save her father, but it was a huge think that both of them were able to put aside their differences and find common ground on the field of basic human decency. "These last episodes are really turning up the heat. Great emotional battles are being waged and lines are being drawn," a reviewer for TV Fanatic wrote. It certainly looks like things are building to an emotionally powerful farewell for Brenda and "The Closer," before saying hello to "Major Crimes." There are only three episodes left for "The Closer," Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TNT. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. //

'The Closer's' Kyra Sedgwick: 'It was probably made easier for the people who followed us'

Sooner or later, every drama series must close. Even "The Closer."By her own choice, Emmy winner Kyra Sedgwick is wrapping up her seven-season TNT run as police interrogator extraordinaire Brenda Leigh Johnson with a last run of Mondays. As the preceding stories started to establish, the character's past has caught up with her as she herself is investigated for certain actions in the course of doing her job.Most of Sedgwick's "Closer" co-stars will continue into the spinoff "Major Crimes," which TNT debuts immediately after the "Closer" finale Monday, Aug. 13. And interestingly, Sedgwick's series run ends just as her husband is embarking on one: Kevin Bacon will star in the Fox midseason drama "The Following."Recently, Sedgwick spoke with us about what she feels "The Closer" has meant to her, to fans and to television.PICS: Our favorite female crime-solversZap2it: What do you think about the show ending, now that the time is actually here?Kyra Sedgwick: It's... //

The Closer “Drug Fiend” (Season 7 Episode 18)

The Closer  "Drug Fiend" (Season 7 Episode 18) airs Monday July 23 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  In a case that hits too close to home for Brenda, a well-liked cancer doctor is brutally killed and his drug supply wiped clean. But the case could have a much wider reach than anyone suspects. To make matters worse, Captain Raydor has a new assignment that leaves Brenda questioning her loyalty to Pope. And Gabriel makes a significant life change. Read More... //  

TNT's "The Closer" and "Perception" Grow in Week Two

TNT spins the numbers for Monday, July 16. //

The Closer “Fool’s Gold” (Season 7 Episode 17)

The Closer  "Fool’s Gold" Season 7 Episode 17 airs Monday July 16 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  Provenza gets trapped into helping his first ex-wife, Liz (guest star Diedre O’Connell), recover her wedding ring  after  she got ripped off by a shady gold buyer . But he once again finds himself stuck in a professionally embarrassing situation, this time involving a robbery, a felony murder, an evidence-swallowing dog and a frantically desperate appraiser (guest star Reg Rogers). John Tenney directs. Read More... //  

'The Closer' premiere dips some but 'Perception' opens strong for TNT

"The Closer" began its final run of episodes with strong ratings -- just not as strong as it has been in the past.On the upside for TNT, though, its new series "Perception" held onto nearly all of its lead-in audience Monday (July 9), scoring one of the top cable series launches of 2012."The Closer" opened to 6.1 million viewers on Monday, down about 15 percent from its launch last summer (7.2 million). Per usual, the show's audience tilted to the older side: About 1.2 million of the show's viewers fell in the 18-49 demographic, and 1.7 million were in the 25-54 demo."Perception," starring Eric McCormack as a neuroscience professor who consults with the FBI and Rachael Leigh Cook as his handler, drew 5.6 million viewers, holding onto better than 90 percent of "The Closer's" audience. It scored 1.1 million viewers in adults 18-49 and 1.5 million in adults 25-54. TNT says "Perception" is the No.... //

'The Closer': Kyra Sedgwick on the final 6 episodes and 'consequences' for Brenda

Kyra Sedgwick has dubbed the final six episodes of "The Closer" "the crying season" -- not necessarily for what happens on screen, but for how she and the cast and crew handled filming the end of the series."It was a lot of tears and sadness about it coming to an end, and loss because the fact is that even if you'll continue to see these people, it will never be the same -- that constant connection and constant creation will never be the same," Sedgwick tells Zap2it. "I haven't missed the grueling schedule of it," she adds. "... I still feel like it was definitely the right choice, and I think these last six episodes are really among our very best. I know people will be satisfied and feel really good about the way we closed it out, so to speak."Pics: The best of summer 2012 TVSedgwick talked with Zap2it about what we can expect... //