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THE CLOSER “Repeat Offender” Season 7 Episode 2

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of THE CLOSER  "Repeat Offender" Season 7 Episode 2 which airs Monday July 18 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  THE CLOSER "Repeat Offender" Season 7 Episode 2 – As the LAPD undergoes a major realignment, Brenda and her team investigate the murder of a young  girl who was house -sitting. Captain Raydor is forced to expand her audit of Major Crimes  in light of the civil  suit against Brenda and the LAPD. Read More... //

The Closer Creator Previews "Repeat Offender" and Reacts to Emmy Nominations

Of all the finer, more civilized traits that combine to form the enchantment of love — perhaps none is more central than trust. In "Repeat Offender," The Closer examines exactly how much we can believe in our families, spouses, bosses, friends and even destiny itself. Reversals of fortune abound, and no one seems more taken off-guard by fate's shifting winds than Brenda's sometimes antagonist, Captain Sharon Raydor. Tracking our way through the untimely death of a young house-and-baby sitter — that person to whom we entrust our children and most personal possessions — we worry our way to the final moment, where we face the most uncomfortable question of all: "Do I trust myself?" We leave Deputy Chief Johnson pondering this disturbing concept in a powerful episode....  //

'The Closer' Final Season Opener Draws 7.2 Million Viewers

TNT's  The Closer  and  Rizzoli and Isles  returned Monday night. How did they do in the ratings? The final season of  The Closer , starring Emmy winner  Kyra Sedgwick , opened to 7.2 million total viewers at 9 p.m., down from the sixth season premiere but matching the finale. Among the adult demographics, 1.8 million belonged in the ad-favored 18-49 and 2.4 million were in 25-54. The Closer  will conclude its run next year, but don't fret, spinoff Major Crimes  with  Mary McDonnell  is set to debut after  The Closer 's series ender . Read More... //

The Closer Episode Promo: "Repeat Offender"

The final season of The Closer is underway. What did you think of "Unknown Trouble?" Looking ahead, Monday's "Repeat Offender" will focus on Brenda trying to determine how a house-sitting situation resulted in the death of a young woman. Elsewhere, as previewed here, Captain Raydor opens up her investigation to include the LAPD. Get an early look at the installment now: //

Interview: THE CLOSER’s Corey Reynolds Talks About Sgt. Gabriel’s Morality, The Closer Spinoff & Being Awesome

THE CLOSER , my all time favorite crime drama is back for a seventh and final season which makes this a bitter sweet reunion. As a consolation prize,  Daemon’s TV  was extremely fortunate to have a chat with series star Corey Reynolds who plays Sgt. David Gabriel, the young moral detective who also happens to be Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson’s right-hand man. Corey shared a lot about this upcoming season, the morality of his character and which episode  resonated with him the most. Read More... //

THE CLOSER “Unknown Trouble” Season 7 Premiere - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the premiere episode of THE CLOSER  "Unknown Trouble" Season 7 Episode 1 which airs Monday July 11 at at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  THE CLOSER "Unknown Trouble" Season 7 Episode 1 – Brenda and the squad investigate the owner of  a hip-hop record label  when one of his rap artists and six innocent bystanders are gunned down. The case hits home for Gabriel who knows two of the victims from church. Meanwhile, Chief Delk (guest star Courtney B. Vance) is getting ready to announce the department’s new organizational  chart just as Brenda becomes the target of a civil suit against the  police department. Read More... //

Kyra Sedgwick Talks About the Final Season of 'The Closer' With Regis and Kelly (VIDEO)

Kyra Sedgwick plays the often frazzled Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, the title role on 'The Closer.' Monday night marks the premiere of show's final season, and Sedgwick said on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated), that things will get worse for her character before they get better. Regis Philbin set up a clip by saying Johnson was "really getting frustrated about the way things are going at the department, but that's always been, more or less, her little angst, right?" "She really gets hammered this season," said Sedgwick. "It'll be good." //

The Closer Season 7 to Focus on "Love and Loss"

Aside from a fun promo set to a classic R&B song, what can we expect from the final season of The Closer , which kicks off this evening? "The theme of this season is love and loss," creator James Duff tells "Loss is part of the promise of love. The only promise that you ever get with love, is that it will end. So we wanted to incorporate how much we loved doing these stories: how much Brenda loved her job, how much she cared about her part in the justice system, and how much it would mean to her to step away from all of that." Read More... //

'The Closer': Kyra Sedgwick wants Brenda to 'crack' in her final season

"The Closer" begins its final season on Monday (July 11), but you'll have plenty of time to say goodbye to Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) and her LAPD team. The season's 21 episodes will stretch out for more than a year, with 10 episodes set for this summer, five for the winter and the final six in summer 2012.Sedgwick herself says even she hasn't really started thinking about saying goodbye to her character. "I mean, it lives within me, that idea," Sedgwick told Zap2it when we talked with her in mid-June, as she was filming "The Closer's" sixth episode of the season. "It's really bittersweet, and I can get really emotional about it really easily. But we're in the middle of the marathon, so it's not really like we're at the finish line quite yet."The Emmy-winning actress also talked with us about kicking this season off with Brenda and Co. in a big bind, what... //

The Closer Season 7 Promo: Here She Comes...

Look out, baby, here comes Brenda Johnson. The extended final season of The Closer premieres on Monday, with TNT airing 21 episodes of the most popular series in cable history over the course of this summer, winter and the summer of 2012. Read More... //