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The Closer Creator James Duff Previes "Heart Attack"

The idea of right and wrong plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Most of us agree to let the criminal codes handle grievous assaults on individuals, but reserve for ourselves the right to govern our own homes. But there are stringent moralists among us who believe their own rules should apply to everyone, or who wish to impress their own concepts of good and bad on the whole world. Crypto-fascists of the right and the left increasingly fan the flames of intolerance. I can't help but wonder what would happen if either side were to literally take the law into its own hands. What happens to us when, as individuals, we begin making decisions that permanently effect other's lives? Det. Sanchez, Lt. Provenza and Lt. Tao face one such quandary, while Lt. Flynn, Det. Gabriel and Brenda Leigh Johnson pursue its gruesome opposite. And, in between, are hacked up bodies in garbage bags, a seemingly disposable child on wheelies and the rough-and-tumble struggle to attain the vacant position of Chief-of-Police, the job dedicated to enforcing society's determinations of right and wrong. To Read More Click Here .

THE CLOSER ''Heart Attack'' Season 6 Episode 5 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of THE CLOSER Heart Attack Season 6 Episode 5 which airs Monday August 9 at 9pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis: At the request of Detective Mikki Mendoza, the squad becomes involved in investigating a series of brutal murders that indicate a Mexican drug cartel may have moved into the city. Source & Preview