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Colbert Convinces Jerry Seinfeld to Turn on Bill Cosbys Comedy (Video)

Jerry Seinfeld no longer thinks we should distinguish Bill Cosby the comedian from Bill Cosby the man. We think. Can you still listen to his comedy? Stephen Colbert asked his Friday guest about the stand-up whom they both most-admired as kids. Oh, yeah, Seinfeld replied, echoing logic hes previously shared with Norm MacDonald and others.   ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/jerry-seinfeld-bill-cosby-colbert/

Colbert Rips Putin for Peddling Bulls Conspiracy Theories': That Is Donald Trumps Job (Video)

Stephen Colbert went after Vladimir Putin on Tuesday for trying to confuse the American people withbulls conspiracy theories, adding: That is Donald Trumps job. The CBS host was referring to the Russian presidents hard-to-follow answers to accusations that his state hacked the 2016 POTUS election. During a recent one-on-one interview with Megyn Kelly, Putin changed that subject to discuss an unpopular theory about the United States government having John F. Kennedy killed. Mission accomplished, Vlad, because now were all befuddled. ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/colbert-putin-russia-hack-nsa-leak-reality-winner/

Colbert Takes Radical Stance on Trumps Budget: Children Should Go to the Doctor and Eat (Video)

Stephen Colbert trashed President Trumps recently released 2018 budget, A New Foundation for American Greatness, which the CBS host labeled as grandiose a title as calling a grocery list: A Bold Vision for Yogurt and Dog Food.' It turns out hes building that foundation out of the ground-up bones of poor people, Colbert continued mocking the financial document, because this budget cuts things like the food stamp program and the childrens health insurance program. I know this is an unpopular position these days, but I believe children should go to the doctor and eat, the Late Show personality continued, patting himself on the back for finding the courage to take such a stance. ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/colbert-trump-2018-budget-video/

Colbert Basks in the Glow of Trumps Filthy No Talent Diss: I Won (Video)

Last week, Stephen Colbert called Donald Trump Putins cock holster , and wouldnt you know it, Donald Trump didnt like that at all. Sure, hes the President of the United States, but that doesnt mean he couldnt make time to angrily denounce the Late Show host in a rambling interview with Time Magazine published earlier today. Alas, if Trump thought hed get under Colberts skin by calling him out, he was wrong. Colbert opened tonights episode of The Late Show with a response to being called a Filthy, no-talent guy whose show was dying by the ostensible leader of the free world best be summed up in a single word: Yay!  ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/colbert-basks-glow-trumps-filthy-no-talent-diss-won-video/

Colbert Shows Off Early Drafts of Trumps Letter to Fired FBI Director James Comey (Video)

Its been more than 24 hours and the question bedeviling the nation remains so why did Donald Trump fire FBI director James Comey? The Trump administration claims it was done in response to Comeys treatment of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. No, really, thats what they said. Almost everyone else assumes it has more to do with the FBIs investigation into possible ties between the Trump presidential campaign, and Russia. Particularly since Trump was very openly in favor of Comeys actions at the time, and also because Trump said I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation in the now-infamous letter he sent to inform Comey hed been fired. ...Read More... https://www.thewrap.com/colbert-shows-off-early-drafts-trumps-letter-fired-fbi-director-james-comey-video/

Colbert Offers Recap of 'Aging Clown' Gary Johnson's Worst Month Ever

When it comes to Libertarian candidateGary Johnson, the jokes pretty much write themselves. Stephen Colbert on Thursday took a deep dive into the presidential hopefuls most recent campaign flubs, which have includedhis inability to identify Aleppo, the epicenter of the Syrian refugee crisis, or name a single international leader he admires who is currently living. [] //tvline.com/2016/09/30/stephen-colbert-gary-johnson-aleppo-moment-video/

Stephen Colbert Ended Colbert Report Because Constant Divisiveness No Longer Sells

Stephen Colbert opened up on his departure from The Colbert Report along with the rise of Donald Trump in an interview with Face the Nation moderator John Dickerson, set to air Sunday. The Late Show host said the reason he killed his wildly-popular Comedy Central character and show was because he sensed the country no longer savored constant divisiveness. I think people dont really want constant divisiveness, he said. I really dont think they want that. And thats what I was aping. And I thought, Ah, I cant really drink that cup anymore. Cause I dont think people really want to hear it.' Read More...

Watch Stephen Colbert Wear Terrible Wig to Mock Donald Trump's Campaign Announcement

"This will be the finest, most luxurious, gold-plated, diamond-encrusted campaign," Colbert said about Trump running for office.   Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/Y4IzZ5YtpUA/story01.htm

Stephen Colbert Unveils New Late Show Website, App & More

Stephen Colbert said goodbye to his beard as CBS announced the launch of the shows website, ColbertLateShow.com, the Colbr App for iOS, and the shows Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ accounts. "Say what you will about the Internet, I think it's here to stay!" Colbert said in todays announcement. "Launching ColbertLateShow.com puts me in the same league as Google.com, Facebook.com and ferretfancier.blogspot.com!"   Read More... //deadline.com/2015/06/stephen-colbert-late-show-app-website-1201437204/

Stephen Colbert's ominous commencement speech uses 'Mad Max' to scare graduates

When graduates at of the Wake Forest University class of 2015 learned future "Late Show"host Stephen Colbert was going to be their commencement speaker, they likely didn't expect his lessons to be right out of the dystopian future of "Mad Max: Fury Road."That's exactly what he had in mind though, opening his speech with a quote from the movie. "Oh what a day. What a lovely day," he greets the graduates.From there, Colbert compares their graduating college to his leaving "The Colbert Report.""It's time to say goodbye the person we've become, that we've worked so hard to perfect, and to make some crucial decisions and becoming who we're going to be," he says. "For me, I'll have to figure out how to do an hour-long show every night."RELATED: Maya Rudolph gifts Tulane graduates with a dead-on Beyonce impressionHe hopes the people they become can help fix the world's woes, including climate change and racism.... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/Zap2it/~3/3gsv7T6SbWo/stephen_colberts_commencement_speech_mad_max_scare_graduates-2015-05