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Mondays, 11:30 PM EST on Comedy Central
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The Colbert Report is an American satirical television program on Comedy Central that stars comedian Stephen Colbert, who previously became well known as a senior correspondent for The Daily Show. The Colbert Report is a spinoff and counterpart of The Daily Show that parodies personality-driven political pundit programs, particularly Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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The Colbert Report S2E72
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Tonight Stephen welcomes environmental politician, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Episode Reviews

by TelevisionFanboy

Jan 19, 2016

Dollhouse is smart and sleek Sci-Fi at it's finest.Eliza Dushku as programmable person Echo makes for some very solid entertainment. On a show where most of the main characters play a different person every week, you'd think there would be moments of cringe worthy acting. Instead, Dollhouse showcases the talent of it's actors and spectacular storytelling only a Sci-Fi show can pull off.

by Natalie Stacey

Oct 19, 2016

Unfortunately, Joss' cancellation-curse came with him onto the set of this show! This was so amazing, and I still tell people about it very often. The concept of humans' giving over their lives to be downloaded with alternative personalities/life stories, hired at the whim of rich clients, is just so epic. It would have been nice to get a couple more seasons out of it, I am sure it would have been easily done.

by Ivsteal

May 12, 2016

Fresh syfy/fantasy concept with great actors plus good story line. Each episode was like a short mini movie and could stand on it's own.

by legacy_user_7180d

May 03, 2015

What a great show to bad it's over

by DarkClarissa

Sep 25, 2014

One of my favourite recent sci-fi shows. Fabulous acting, great scripts, brilliant directing. My only complaint is that it finished after only two seasons and in such a final way! I still think fondly of all of the characters. The ending was beautifully thought out, but very tragic. I highly recommend this.