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'The Comeback' Season 2 might be over, but it's not the end for Valerie

How's that for an ending of "The Comeback"s' comeback? Ask anyone -- even Valerie herself -- what Valerie really wants in life, and they'd probably say everything from "fame" to "adoration" to "sleeping next to a gold trophy." But in Sunday's (Dec. 28) Season 2 finale, appropriately titled "Valerie Gets What She Really Wants," it becomes clear to the characters and the audience that Valerie isn't only after celebrity. The majority of the episode is dedicated to Valerie preparing for the moment of a lifetime -- an Emmy nomination -- but the highlight is most definitely the final moments in the finale when she realizes that recognition and respect from her peers is great and all, but the well-being of her friends and loved ones is more important than anything. That's right -- Valerie Cherish turns over a new leaf. RELATED: Malin Akerman: 'The Comeback' fans are the 'smart people' During the ceremony, after... //

The Comeback Season 2 Finale Recap: Hollywood Ending

  My five-star rating of The Comeback s season-ender (and, lets face it, probably its series-ender) is, like the hour-long finale itself, a two-parter. Meaning I give the first 30 minutes a four and the second 30 minutes a six.   Lets start with the first half-hour at Junas party. It was amusing, if a little rambling, no? There were several bits of business that dont get me wrong were fun to watch and totally kept my interest: Val remembering that Juna always puts her down on the guest list under Marks name; Jane chewing out the door guy for not properly kowtowing to an Emmy nominee; the applause that spontaneously greeted Vals entrance; Tyler jumping into the pool; the girl obsessed with snapping a pic of Chris; the Old womans pussy! guys. All of these little beats are things Id now categorize as Comeback lite. During the shows first season, a wall-to-wall lampooning of the reality genre and all of its attendant petty desires, such moments wouldve made up the meat of an episode. But now were living in Comeback 2.0, a deeper, more meaningful show, a show about what lifes about once you decide that life is about more than what you desire.   Read More... //

The Comeback Season 2 Finale Recap: 'Months and Months of Pressure It All Just Finally Blew'

Even in its funniest moments, The Comeback has never been an easy show to watch. (And no, thats not just a reference to the flood of fecal matter unleashed midway through tonights Season 2 finale.) Over the last eight weeks, Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick Kings Portrait of a Sitcom Actress on the Verge of []   Read More... //

Recap: 'The Comeback' Finale - 'Valerie Gets What She Really Wants'

Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart recaps The Comeback's second-season finale, "Valerie Gets What She Really Wants," which presents a difficult choice for Emmy nominee Valerie Cherish.   Read More... //

The Comeback Recap: Gone With the Win

  Heres something I never thought Id say: I empathize with Valerie Cherish. I have been where she was last night, fighting for a relationship even after it had veered astray to an embarrassing degree, only to ruin things when I couldnt get my actions to line up with my intentions, which I swear were honorable and even somewhat selfless. But Im optimistic that both she and I will (or, Id like to think, have) wound up in a better place precisely because of our screw-ups.   Read More... //

Recap: 'The Comeback' - 'Valerie Faces the Critics'

Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart recaps the penultimate episode of "The Comeback," on which Valerie Cherish allows her documentary to come before her marriage and reveal just how desperate she is for attention.   Read More... //

The Comeback Recap: Hollywood Horror Story

  Last nights episode of The Comeback wouldve been a great one for Valerie Cherish to break out her terrible Woody Allen impression. Because last night it seemed that Val finally learned the value in not wanting to belong to any club in this case, the successful-showbiz-people-who-are-self-serving-and-full-of-shit club that would have her as a member.   The reviews are in! The reviews are in! Val begins the episode, doing that thing where she hides off-camera and asks Jane if shes ready to start rolling, then promptly makes a boastful a-hole of herself. So right from the start, our heroines got her work cut out for her before she undergoes what I think is her most compelling metamorphosis toward a more authentic self. I know that sounds Oprah-y, but thats exactly how I see it: Val standing up for herself, but only as much as she needs to (meaning, not in a diva way); Val stating unequivocally how various people and situations slight and lessen her; Val being a person , basically. She showed glimpses of these qualities in season one punching Paulie G., and that time when she insisted on listening to the music she wanted to in the car, licensing costs be damned but by the end of Valerie Cooks in the Desert, Val becomes a more vibrant, vital, tough, interesting human being, someone any one of us would enjoy the company of, perhaps even admire.   Read More... //

Recap: 'The Comeback' - 'Valerie Cooks in the Desert'

Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart recaps the 6th episode of "The Comeback"'s second season, which finds Valerie desperate to spend time with her husband as she attempts to finish filming "Seeing Red."   Read More... //

Recap: 'The Comeback' - 'Valerie is Taken Seriously'

Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart recaps "The Comeback"'s fifth episode, during which Valerie Cherish again tries to control her image, but shows that she finally may be learning to let go.   Read More... //

The Comeback Recap: Star Light, Star Bright

  With five episodes down, its safe to say that this season of The Comeback is not your circa 2005 season of The Comeback . Whereas the first season was a perfectly self-contained floating island of hilarity something I remember not in specifics and details but in grand, sweeping, warm-fuzzy feelings every episode this season has felt stand-alone and somehow apart from the others in subtext, if not also in comedic tone. Ive talked a lot in my recaps about how much a particular episode did or didnt make me laugh or, in true Comeback style, made me laugh on the inside while I cringed or held my breath on the outside. While watching Valerie Is Taken Seriously, I spent maybe six seconds actually laughing (internally, externally, any which way). The rest of the time, I was too busy gasping at the latest plot twist (the New York Times reporter has seen the show gasp ! Its Tom gasp !) and then ruminating on how those events fit into the larger points Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King were trying to make this time around. I loved this episode precisely because it wasnt so much funny-ha-ha as funny-hmm.   Read More... //