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Daily Show Halloween Special Imagines Donald Trumps Terrifying Post-Apocalyptic America (Videos)

Trevor Noah used Halloween to truly terrify us all. The Daily Show just did an entire episode from Donald Trumps post-apocalyptic America in 2020 and it doesnt look like the GOP candidates first term went so well. First, viewers can catch up to the former self-proclaimed Roastmaster General, Jeff Ross , who had been promoted to Trumps Secretary of Offense. Unfortunately, the comedians Twitter jokes werent quite harsh enough to meet The Donalds high standards, and Ross had to go hide underground.  Read More... //

Trevor Noah's Daily Show Imagines Trump Victory in 2020-Set Episode

The Daily Show on Monday envisioned the result of a Donald Trump presidency, jumping ahead to the year 2020 to showwhat might happen during the formerApprentice hosts first term as Commander-in-Chief. The episode, which is set to take place a week before the next presidential election, findsTrevor Noahbreaking into his former Comedy Central studioto detail [] //

Trevor Noah Dives Into Megyn Kelly Vs. Newt Gingrich Food Fight

The Daily Show contributed mightily to the nations Megyn Kelly vs. Newt Gingrich debate last night. Host Trevor Noah set up a clip of the on-air brawl, in which the former politicianclaimed the Fox News Channel host is "fascinated with sex" and does not care about policy. Thats because she had brought up Donald Trump 's Access Hollywood sexual-assault boasts, the women who have come forward since with claims against the candidate and his low polling with women, when ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Rips Newt Gingrich for Megyn Kelly Beef: Same Dude Who Cheated on 2 Different Wives (Video)

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah rippedNewt Gingrich on Wednesday over his recent comments suggesting that Fox News host Megyn Kelly is obsessed with sex, saying,This is the same dude who cheated on two different wives. Noah noted that just because Kelly often interviews people who look like swollen testicles does not mean she is obsessed with sex. Newt Gingrich should not be complaining that anyone is fascinated with sex, Noah said. When he was asked about his cheating he gave the best answer I have ever heard in my life. ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah: The First Time I Drove a Car. (I Was 6.)

Born and raised in South Africa, Mr. Noah talks about growing up poor there, and his mothers beat-up, tangerine Volkswagen Beetle. ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah On Final Debate: Donald Trump Really Doesnt Get Why Hes Losing This Election

With a lead-in livestream of a zen garden that played on Facebook Live all throughout tonights final presidential debate, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah once again went live immediately after the debate ended, for a ten-minute breakdown of events and, unsurprisingly, takedown of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump . All the prostitutes in vegas must have really loved it because for once, they got to watch other people screw Americans, said Noah, and ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Mocks Melania Trump for Giving Identical Interviews (Video)

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah mocked Melania Trump on Tuesday for giving extremely similar interviews to both CNN and Fox News on the same day about her husbands infamous lewd comments about women. Noah said she went on TV to defend Trump against accusations of rampant py grabbing, but explained that she took 10 days to speak out because she was using that time to practice her lines. Hethen played clips of the potential first lady speaking on both cable news networks side-by-side and her answers were pretty much the same, which is standard procedure for anyone in the political world whois given talking points by advisors. ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Says Donald Trump Reminds Him of an African Dictator and Stand-up Comedian

Whether you like it or not, [Trump] possesses charisma.  ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Examines the Ken Bone Phenomenon

"Ken Bone seems like an actually decent person," the "Daily Show" host says. ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Rips Donald Trump: Its Not the Locker Room, Its You, Motherfer (Video)

Trevor Noah mockedDonald Trump on Mondays Daily Show over lewd sexual comments that the GOP nominee made in 2005, saying,Its not the locker room, its you, motherfer. Trump has called his hot-mic moment which came to light on Friday afternoon, two days before Sundays second presidential debate locker room talk. But Noah disagreed. Since Friday, nothing has been the same, Noah said, before he reminded viewers that people actually thought the second debate would be interesting because of drama surroundingTrumps tax returns. ...Read More... //