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Trevor Noah Mocks Matt Lauers Handling Of Donald Trump During Commander-In-Chief Forum

Trevor Noah took over for TV news talking heads trashing Matt Lauer s botched handling of NBCs Commander-in-Chief forum. The Daily Show host was the first to note kamikaze planes had crashed into the USS Intrepid, now docked in New York City and where the forum was held, and point out Lauer had continued that tradition with his moderating gig. It being Lauers first crack at the Hillary Clinton email story so many other TV news reporters already had mined, the ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Jokes Donald Trump "Has Hired the Suicide Squad" With New Campaign Staffers

The 'Daily Show' host also talked about the Republican presidential candidate's message to black voters. ...  Read More... //

Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Has Hired The Suicide Squad

Fox News Channels Sean Hannity had Donald Trump for a full hour tonight and yet did not ask the candidate about, or even mention, todays major Trump campaign shakeup. Thats because Hannity had already mapped out the hour as a town hall, in which to tout Trumps plans to build a wall and battle ISIS with extreme vetting and extreme bombing. Fortunately, The Daily Shows faux journalist Trevor Noah was available. At the top of his Comedy Central show, immediately ...  Read More... //

'The Daily Show' Reveals What Donald Trump's "Extreme Vetting" Could Look Like

The process includes an "ideal hand size" test that may prove difficult to pass.  ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah slams Donald Trump's 'extreme vetting' comment

Trevor Noah mocked Donald Trumps latest stance on immigration during Tuesdays episode of The Daily Show , imagining a U.S. customs agent as some kind of perverted game show host. During a speech on Monday, Trump said he wanted immigrants entering America to take an ideological test as... ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah slams Trump surrogates for defending false statements

When Donald Trump says something, his campaign surrogates have to back it up in TV appearances as the comments go viral and that can be a challenge when the Republican presidential hopefuls statements arent factually correct. Thats why Trevor Noah says they have the hardest job in the world... ...  Read More... //

Trevor Noah Knows Vuvuzelas Sound Terrible, But Hes Here to Defend Them

Noah says Brazilians were "responsible vuvuzela blowers before the rest of the world came." ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah mocks Donald Trump for saying Barack Obama founded ISIS

Trevor Noah compared Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to a one-star Yelp review on Thursdays episode of The Daily Show , following remarks Trump made earlier this week about President Barack Obama being the founder of ISIS. He knows what hes saying when he says Obama... ....Read More... //

Trevor Noah slams Donald Trump, says he needs to be 'put away'

Trevor Noah once again took on Donald Trump during The Daily Show on Wednesday, hitting at the Republican presidential nominee for comments he made about Second Amendment people doing something to stop Hillary Clinton from picking judges for the Supreme Court. Hillary wants to abolish,... ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Mocks Olympics Issues and Marco Rubio's Zika Response

"I wish a giant mosquito would f Rubio and leave him pregnant with a Zika baby. then we'll see how much he really believes in those laws." ....  Read More... //