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The Daily Show Bids Farewell To Jessica Williams With Highlight Reel & Hugs

Thursday night was the final Daily Show appearance for Jessica Williams , andshe got a nice video sendoff. Introduced by a fawning Trevor Noah You are the coolest, most awesome person the highlightreel covers her four-year career on the late-night stalwart. Her fellow Daily Show correspondents also turn up to offer their goodbyes, and plead for her office.Only 22when she joined the program in 2012, Williams was itsyoungest correspondent ever.   Read More... //

Jessica Williams says goodbye to 'The Daily Show'

Earlier this week, The Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams released the shocking news that she was leaving the show to pursue other projects at Comedy Central. Williams joined the show in 2012 as its youngest correspondent to date and quickly established herself as one of the shows...   Read More... //

Exclusive: Jessica Williams is leaving The Daily Show

Thursdays episode will be her last, Williams reveals in an interview with EW...   Read More... //

'Daily Show' Walks Back Joke Tweet About Abortion Court Ruling

"Celebrate the #SCOTUS ruling! Go knock someone up in Texas!" the Comedy Central account tweeted to its more than 4.2 million followers.   Read More.... //

How Daily Shows Newest Correspondent Michelle Wolf Went From Wall Street to Comedy Central

Michelle Wolf, The Daily Shows newest correspondent, did not take a traditional approach to her now burgeoning comedy career. I was a kinesiology major in college, which is exercise science, Wolf told TheWrap. Then, I was either going to get my Ph.D or go to medical school, but I was kind of burned out after school. My roommates had all gotten jobs on Wall Street, so they were like, Come work with us on Wall Street! Well all live in New York for a couple of years.' That led to a job at Bear Stearnsin March 2007, until that firm collapsed a year later amid a global financial meltdown. Wolf assured us she had nothing to do with that. She then went to JP Morgan for a few years after that.  Read More... //

Trevor Noah Thinks Donald Trump Is One Deranged F for Orlando Comments (Video)

On last nights Daily Show, Trevor Noah told Corey Lewandowski to not let the Exit door hit him on his way out. Apparently, Lewandowskis grip on power was not nearly as strong as his grip on young, female reporters, the comedian quipped on Donald Trump firing his controversial campaign manager. The Comedy Central host then made a joke about senators eating dicks, one that readers can watch for themselves via the video above.   Read More... //

Trevor Noah On Trump: This Madness Is Familiar To Me

If Bill Clinton was Americas first black president, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah quipped at an event Wednesday evening, Donald Trump might just be our first African president. Throughouta sizzle reel of Daily Show highlights, Trump was shown in medal-festooned uniform as Noah compared the presumptive Republican presidential nomineesboasts (Everybody loves me) with those of Zimbabwes ruthless still-haning-on leader Robert Mugabe.   Read More... //

The Daily Show Asks New Yorkers to Wish Trump a 'Happy Birthday' and They Comply, Sort Of

Their rendition of "Happy Birthday" is particularly rousing.   Read More... //

Trevor Noah on Orlando shooting: 'We shouldn't allow this to be normal'

Like so many others on the late-night circuit, Trevor Noah commented on the Orlando, Florida mass shooting at a gay nightclub that killed 49 and wounded 53 others. The Daily Show host opened Mondays episode by recapping the attack, and showing footage of President Barack Obama commenting...   Read More... //

Jon Stewart Helps Out Samatha Bee; See? Everyone on TV Is Friends Just Like You Hoped

Jon Stewart, horse whisperer....   Read More... //