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The Daily Show Offers Hilarious Advice to Hillary Clinton: Dont Be the Boss We Want, Be the Boss We Need

Michelle Wolf knows you don't know what a server is. ...  Read More... //

Trevor Noah: Donald Trump 'mastered the art of... the next news cycle'

'The Daily Show' host also talks about Jon Stewart's advice, Blake Lively Instagram backlash, more   Read More... //

The Daily Show Spoofs Impassioned Bernie Sanders Supporters

Correspondents Roy Wood, Jr. and Eliza Cossio hosted new segment "Bern Baby Bern" on Thursday's episode.   Read More... //

Trevor Noah addresses anti-transgender bathroom laws

Since taking the reins of The Daily Show from Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah has developed his own brand of comedic news coverage, defined more by Noahs bemused charm than Stewarts fiery denunciations of Fox News. But on Thursdays episode of The Daily Show , Noah brought out his own......   Read More... //

Trevor Noah Mocks Megyn Kellys Donald Trump Interview as Couples Therapy

Trevor Noah ripped into Megyn Kellys interview with Donald Trump, saying that the Fox special wasnt about politics but more so about two brands. The hype for this event was out of control, it was like Apple revealed a new phone in the middle of a new Beyonce song in the middle of the new Star Wars sequel, he said on Wednesdays episode of The Daily Show.   Read More... //

Baratunde Thurston to leave 'The Daily Show'

Baratunde Thurston, supervising producer for digital expansion at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah , has announced he is leaving the show as of Friday. Formerly digital director at The Onion and founder of Cultivated Wit, Thurston joined The Daily Show last year and...   Read More... //

Trevor Noah Reminds Viewers That Donald Trump-esque Politicians Exist in Other Countries

The 'Daily Show' host turned the spotlight onto the Netherlands' Geert Wilders and the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte.   Read More... //

John Legend responds to 'Daily Show' segment about mom-shaming

New parents Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got into a bit of a social media firestorm recently when they were photographed going on a date night just over a week after Teigen gave birth to their daughter, Luna. But Desi Lydic is here to stand up for them: In a Daily Show segment earlier...   Read More... //

Jon Stewart to Military: Trumps Going to Keep You Busy (Video)

Jon Stewart might not have a regular platform to attack Donald Trump these days, but that didnt stop him from cracking a few jokes while hosting theUnited Service Organizations75th birthday party on Thursday. The former Daily Show host was mocking Joe Biden in front of an audience of soldiers at the Joint Base Andrews in Marylandbefore a transitioning to the presumptive GOP nominee. Hell say whatever he kind of thinks of, whatever comes to his mind, sort of impulsive. Sometimes, you might think to yourself, That sounds crazy, or Man, that is crazy,' Stewart said of the Vice President of the United States. And who would have thought that now, that gets you the Republican nomination.   Read More... //

HBOs Richard Plepler Hopeful That Jon Stewart Will Be on Air by Presidential Election (Video)

Theres no premiere date for Jon Stewart s Daily Show follow-up on HBO yet, but network chief Richard Plepler suggested the project could debut before Election Day this coming November. Yeah, Im hopeful, Plepler said in an interview with CNNs Brian Stelter for the Paley Media Center on Thursday. But he clarified that Stewart isnt racing to get on air to capitalize on the madness of election season. I think hes clamoring at the bit to do something that he knows is going to stand out and be a new part of his artistic expression, he continued. Last November, Stewart signed a four-year production deal with HBO. The first announced project waspartnership withcloud graphics company OTOY Inc. to produce short-form digital content for HBO NOW.   Read More... //