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Trevor Noah asks DNC chair if Bernie Sanders is being 'c---blocked'

The battle between Democratic opponents Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has intensified throughout the primary campaign, but DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says there is no real animosity between the candidates. I really think thats some drama created by the media that isnt there, she... ..Read More... //

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Taps Michelle Wolf as Newest Contributor and Writer

Wolf is a New York-based writer and stand-up comedian who most recently worked as a writing supervisor on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," where she also made her late-night television debut as a comic in July 2014....    Read More... //

'The Daily Show' Explains Why We Should Want To Americanize Cuba

President Obama visited Cuba on Sunday, becoming the first U.S. president since 1928 to do so. But as "Daily Show" correspondent Desi Lydic shows us, he may have brought a few corporate American friends with him.   Read More...   //

Late-Night Hosts Pay Tribute to Garry Shandling

Comedian Garry Shandling died of a heart attack Thursday at age 66, sending shockwaves through the comedy community. Shandling was best known for his sitcom The Larry Sanders Show , which chronicled the backstage goings-on at a late-night talk show, so it was appropriate that several late-night hosts ...   //

Trevor Noah Explains Why TV Is Obsessed With Donald Trump, in a TV Segment About Donald Trump, Which We Know Isnt Helping But Who Even Knows What to Do Anymore

"America would be better off with President PuppyMonkeyBaby."   Read More... //

'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah Slams CBS Chief Leslie Moonves for Donald Trump Comments

Noah's remarks were pointed as both CBS and Viacom-owned Comedy Central are controlled by Sumner Redstone's National Amusements. ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah and Lindsey Graham Play Pool, Read Donald Trump Compliments

The South Carolina senator showed off his pool-hall skills during a 'Daily Show' appearance.   Read More... //

'Daily Show' Takes on March Madness With Bracket of Rage-Inducing Phenomena

"We're taking the madness literally," host Trevor Noah explained on Thursday's show. "Instead of crowning the best college team, we've created a bracket tournament of our own, that lets you at home vote on what makes you the maddest what really pisses you off."   Read More... //

Trevor Noah Wonders Why Media Smoked Donald Trump Campaign Crack For So Long

On the eve of Super Tuesday 3, at which Donald Trump may become the inevitable GOP presidential candidate, CNN political commentator Van Jones visited Comedy Centrals The Daily Show for some figurative hair tearing: "America needs to wake the hell up! This is real! he began. Everybody says, Why didnt they take Trump more seriously? The whole society is making the same exact mistake. We have the rise of a right wing authoritarian movement and this guy is likely to....   Read More... //

Daily Show Co-EP Hillary Kun to Exit Series After 14 Years

Hillary Kun needs a moment of zen. After 14 years, the co-executive produceris leaving Comedy Centrals The Daily Show.That lengthy tenure means she was there for most of Jon Stewart s time, and all of current host Trevor Noahs. Kun was responsible for booking the guests and producing their corresponding guest segments. As part of the team, Kun won four Emmy Awards.   Read More... //