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Trevor Noah Loves Anthony Scaramucci Since He Set Fire To Reince Priebus And Steve Bannon

This is a moment of joy, Trevor Noah announced at the top of Thursday nights The Daily Show , celebrating the record set by new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci who hasnt even been here a week and already he has his own scandal. Specifically, Scaramucci set fire to Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon in an interview with New Yorker earlier Thursday. He burnt them like a Hoverboard, people, Noah rejoiced. Tragically, Noah revealed, even on cable ...Read More... //

The Daily Show Turns Anthony Scaramuccis Rant to New Yorker Reporter Into Motivational Posters

The Daily Show turned the choicest quotes from White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramuccis Wednesday night rant to The New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza into the kind of cheesy motivational posters you might see in a middle school hallway or dentists office. The F-bombed filled posters were inspired by a piece published in The New Yorker on Thursday by Lizza that detailed a conversation with Scaramucci in which the new White House staffer unloaded his contempt for Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, advisor Steve Bannon and anyone who is leaking information from the White House.   ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Discusses Donald Trump Transgender Troop Firing With Two Army Veterans On The Daily Show

Late night TV erupted over President Donald Trump 's morning firing of all transgender troops, by Twitter. Comedy Central's The Daily Show host Trevor Noah was among the show hosts who blasted Trumps move in their monologues; Noah also invited on the show two U.S. army veterans who are transgender and who explained Trumps Twitter move, which appears to have come as a surprise to the Pentagon, means an immediate 15K reduction in military personnel. Military personnel who  ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Explains Donald Trumps Anthony Scaramucci Bromance

Trevor Noah won the heated Late Night Scaramucci competition with The Daily Show 's Profiles in Tremendousness look at President Donald Trump s new White House Communications Director. "Since he's going to be around at least a month," Noah explained. Scaramucci got off to quite a start. At Friday's press briefing, he spoke of the need to let letting Trump be himself express his full identity. Thats good news, Noah explained, for all of us who have been watching Trump in   ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Investigates America's Ploy to Interfere in Russia's Election: Fidget Spinners

Interfering in the Russian Election one zombified young voter at a time.  ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Thinks the Donald Trump Jr. Email Story Is Funnier Than Curb Your Enthusiasm

This is the best comedy ever.   ...Read More... //

'The Daily Show' Adds Michael Kosta as New Correspondent

The stand-up comedian and former pro tennis player will make his debut on Tuesday's episode of the Trevor Noah talk show.  ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Delivers Heartfelt Speech About Philando Castile Dashcam Video: "It Broke Me"

"What theyre basically saying is, in America it is officially reasonable to be afraid of a person just because they are black."   ...Read More... //

Daily Show's Trevor Noah Says New Philando Castile Footage 'Broke Me'

Trevor Noah isnt just angry about the recent acquittal of Philando Castiles shooter. Hes heartbroken. On WednesdaysDaily Show, Noah played newly released dashcam footage of the momentMinnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez shot Castile five times during a July 2016 traffic stop. Prefacing the footage, Noah remarked, If youve already watched this video, you dont have [] //

Trevor Noah: I Have Been Stopped by Police 8 to 10 Times in 6 Years in US (Video)

The Daily Show is usually about the jokes, but in a behind-the-scenes clip, host Trevor Noah got serious to talk about his experiences as a black man living in the U.S. Ive only lived in the United States six years on and off. I lived on the West Coast two-and-a-half years, Ive lived on the East Coast now for two-and-a-half years, he explained. In that time, I sh you not, I have been stopped by police maybe, I would say going on at least eight-to-10 times Ive been stopped by the police, which always blows peoples minds, which I didnt know was a thing.   ...Read More... //