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Trevor Noah Signs Executive Order Banning Donald Trump From Making Flimflam Announcements

President Trump is trying to distract Americans during Comey Week, The Daily Show s Trevor Noah noted Tuesday night. On Thursday, former FBI director James Comey will get asked by someone on the Senate Intel Committee whether he really did, as Trump said in his letter sacking Comey and again to NBCs Lester Holt, assure Trump three times he was not under investigation. Comeys testimony is expected to clock a TV audience rivaling that of the Watergate hearings  ...Read More... //

The Daily Show's Michelle Wolf Rips 'Conniving' Megyn Kelly's NBC Debut: 'You're Not the New Barbara Walters'

Megyn Kelly officially made her NBC debut on Sunday with the premiere of her much-buzzed-about newsmagazine but at least one Daily Show personality isnt buying into the hype. On Mondays episode of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, correspondent Michelle Wolf ripped into Kelly for her disgusting attempt at trying to manipulate the American [] //

Trevor Noah Admits Trump Telling Earth to Go F Itself Was a Pretty Gangsta Move (Video)

Trevor Noah roasted Donald Trump Thursday for the Presidents decision to pull the U.S. out of the 2015 Paris Agreement , which sets future global standards on emissions in an effort to combat climate change. You know, I dont know whats worse: the fact that Donald Trump may have doomed the planet, or the fact that he announced it like its an episode of The Bachelorette,' Noah quipped, doing a pretty solid impression of both the President and the ABC dating show. The comparison didnt have a very easy through-line, but it worked. ...Read More... //

Daily Show: Trump Evoked Bachelorette in 'Gangster' Climate Speech [WATCH]

Donald Trumpmight be known forThe Apprentice, but it was another popular reality-TV franchise that came to mind as Trevor Noah watched the president announce his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. TheDaily Show host was quick to react to POTUS proclamation on Thursday, comparing the manner in which he [] //

The Daily Show Hasnt Changed in the Trump Era But Everybody Else Has

The Daily Show hasnt changed much since Donald Trump took office. Its the same political commentary weve been seeing since the late 90s. Its a bit more scathing appropriate considering the material they have to work with but besides a new host in Trevor Noah taking over from Jon Stewart and a batch of fresh correspondents, The Daily Show is still the same fake journalism weve come to rely on. Its everybody else thats changed around them. Since Trump took office in January, late-night television has attempted to step up to The Daily Shows level but over on Comedy Central,its business as usual. Their job, as it has always been,is to find the funny and to find the bulls,correspondent Jordan Klepper said at Comedy Centrals L.A. Press Dayat the Viacom Building on Wednesday.   ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Takes Super-Classy High Road on Donald and Melania Trumps Marriage (Exclusive Video)

Many peoplearespeculating about the state of Donald and Melania Trumps marriage, but Daily Show host Trevor Noah isnt one of them. Never,nope, definitely not. For the second time in two days , the first lady has spurned her husbands attempt to hold her hand in public , with both moments quickly going viral. TheWrap askedThe Daily Show host for his take, but he took the high road. Maybe a little sarcastically. ...Read More... //

Trevor Noahs Daily Show Just Had Its Most-Watched Week Ever

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah just landed its most-watched week ever in Nielsens Live + Same Day TV Ratings, with an average of 1.045 million total viewers. Yes, thats even more than he got in his premiere week. The September 2015 debut week of Noahs Daily Show earned 1.019 million overall audience members. The week of May 15 was a big one in politics: President Trump firing FBI director James Comey proved a boon for a number of news-centric talk shows. ...Read More... //

Seth Meyers Reminds us That Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself

You can always rely on Stephen Colbert to be silly when it comes to Trump. But when you want great analysis peppered with some funny barbs, Seth Meyers is your guy. His closer look segment is kind of like a much tamer end segment that Bill Maher does on Real Time. Meyers once again went off on Trump last night. He reminds us about the past week and that even by Donald Trumps crazy standards, this has been a crazy week to say the least. Not that I need to remind any of you about whats going on but lets ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah Criticizes "Aggresively Ignorant" Fox News for Coverage of James Comey's Trump Memo

The 'Daily Show' host called the cable network the president's "Snapchat filter," adding, "Whatever the reality is they always make him look better than he is." ...Read More... //

Trevor Noah on Trump Firing Comey: "This Is Bad for Democracy"

"This is the kind of thing that happens in Africa. Just say it!" ...Read More... //