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Condoleezza Rice Addresses Nation's 'Extreme Voices' Against Islam (VIDEO)

When Condoleezza Rice visited 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM), Jon Stewart brought up the "vitriolic" shift among America's "extreme voices" since the September 11 attacks, mentioning that President Bush "came out very strongly that we were not at war with Islam." What did Rice make of the current, "more vitriolic approach to Islam or Muslims?" "There's a lot of a turning up the volume of a few extreme voices on this issue," answered Rice. "I don't believe that most Americans are in any sense Islamophobic ... When you give a voice to very extreme people, it gives a sense that the United States is the country that it is not." "Like if they had their own channel," joked Stewart. "Or maybe their own rallies," countered Rice. Source & Video